‘Big Hero 6’ Casting Gets Rolling With Addition of Comedian T.J. Miller

By March 28, 2014

Did you forget that Disney and Marvel are getting into the animated superhero game? We did, too, but some recent casting news about their Big Hero 6 is a big reminder that their massive cinematic universe is ever-expanding and that it’s set to include some very new stuff (that we’ll even get to see later this year).

Rotoscopers has uncovered a February interview from BostInno with funny man T.J. Miller, in which the actor/writer/producer offhandedly mentions that he’s set for a voice role in the upcoming feature, saying, “I’m in Disney’s Big Hero 6, which will be their big release this Thanksgiving. It ranges, usually it’s the stoner-slacker, or you know, a guy who is very immature. Immature but confident.”

Rotoscopers has determined from this somewhat vague comment that Miller will be playing Fred, who they describe as “an aspiring low-budget filmmaker. He originally volunteered to be a test subject for the robot experiments by Tadashi, but then stuck around to help the Tech Lab research team with their projects. Fred’s really quirky and weird. For example, in filming one of his movies he dressed up in rubber suit and stomping on cardboard buildings.”


On March 23, Miller seemed to give still more credance to the rumor, tweeting: “Big Hero 6 First Look Teaser Trailer by Disney Animation and Marvel Studios: http://t.co/Pr28Vx8P4t Look how cool this looks. I’m Fred.” That tweet, however, has since been removed. (Did someone get in trouble with the studio?)

As /Film notes, Miller is no stranger to voicework – he’s the voice of How to Train Your Dragon’s Tuffnut (both on the big screen and on its television counterpart), he plays Robbie on the animated show Gravity Falls, and he’s even acted alongside animated co-stars in films like Yogi Bear. Big Hero 6 seems like a nice matching of both his voice talents and his extremely funny style.

As of now, there is no official confirmation that Miller is set for the role, but we suspect that will change soon.

Big Hero 6 opens on November 7.

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