‘Big Hero 6’ TV Series Coming to Disney XD

By March 2, 2016

Big Hero 6 was a big move for Disney and Marvel, being the first animated feature adaptation of any Marvel comic book from the two studios yet, and while it wasn’t quite as well-received or notable as some of the MCU films or even some of Disney Animation’s past few films – it was still a fun, and memorable ride into a unique, never-before-seen corner of the superhero genre.

Now, after about two years of silence regarding possible sequels or follow-ups to the film, The Walt Disney Company has announced their Big Hero 6 sequel, although it might not have been the one you were expecting.

In lieu of a film sequel to the property, the studio is currently developing a new Big Hero 6 TV series set to premiere and air on Disney XD sometime in 2017. It will be executive produced by Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley, and Nick Filippi. The Disney Channel’s Worldwide President Gary Marsh commented on the news with the following:

“Our colleagues at Walt Disney Animation Studios have created a brilliant new world, inspired by Marvel, with vivid, unique characters. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop these characters into a world class animated series — full of fun, action and the kind of endearing storytelling that only Mark, Bob — and Baymax — can deliver.”

The series will pick up where the original film left off, with Hiro now enrolled in the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, as he tries to prove himself worthy of being the small man on the campus, while also defending his city from new scientific villains that are beginning to pop up.Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred, Go Go, and Baymax will also be returning in the new series.

As someone who enjoyed the original film quite a bit (even though I still think How to Train Your Dragon 2 should have won the Oscar that year), it’s exciting to see Disney continuing the film’s story in any way, even though I am slightly worried if the difference in quality of animation from film to TV might be a bit jarring at first. This just joins the growing number of animated TV series based off of Disney’s films and franchises though, with shows like Guardians of the Galaxy or even Star Wars Rebels.

The Big Hero 6 TV series will premiere on Disney XD in 2017.

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