Bill Murray and Bruce Willis Join Cast of ‘Magic City’, A Movie Version of Former Starz Show

By October 31, 2014

Over the past decade or so, it seems that TV shows cancelled before their time have been able to find new life before being put out to pasture for good. Joss Whedon’s cancelled-before-its-time Fox series “Firefly” got a movie finale with Serenity, shows like “The Killing” and “Community” were cancelled by their original home networks before being picked up by an alternate distribution source…the list goes on. But here’s a stranger one: Starz cancelled a series called “Magic City” last year after it ran for two seasons, and now Deadline reports that Bill Murray and Bruce Willis are joining the original cast for a new Magic City movie.

The pitch: Miami 1962. Gangsters, hoteliers, spies and socialites win, lose and die beneath the palms. JFK and a mob boss share a mistress in a Collins Avenue penthouse. The CIA secretly arms Cuban freedom fighters and hires the mafia to kill Castro. The most powerful Miami Beach hotel owner battles them all to save his family and survive in the Magic City.

Murray Willis

The series was originally created by Mitch Glazer (who wrote The Recruit, Scrooged, Great Expectations, and the upcoming Rock the Kasbah), and Glazer will write and direct the movie version of his own show (similar to the way creator Doug Ellin is directing an Entourage movie…the difference being a film ending was always the plan for that series). Murray, Willis, and “others” – thanks for being so specific on that, Deadline – will join regular cast members Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston and Kelly Lynch in the film.

I vaguely remember hearing something about “Magic City” when it was on the air, but since I don’t have Starz, I never saw an episode. Did you ever watch it? I’d be interested to hear what fans of the show think about a movie wrapping up the story, because as an outsider looking in, this project just seems a little weird to me. “Magic City” doesn’t exactly have huge name recognition, but it was able to score Bill Murray and Bruce Willis for a movie? Stranger things have happened, I suppose, and it sounds like this is mostly about creating a palpable period atmosphere, so hopefully Glazer can pull this off.

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