Billionaire Says “My Titanic Movie Will Be A Lot Better Than James Cameron’s”

By October 22, 2013

What happens when rich people have too much time on their hands? This.


Australian billionaire Clive Palmer not only plans to build an exact replica of the Titanic, name it “Titanic II” (complete with Turkish baths, smoking rooms and period age clothing for passengers to wear) AND make it the flagship of his Blue Star Line cruises, he’s shooting two films about it: one’s a documentary about the construction of the ship, and the other is a fictional account set on the newly built ocean liner.


Palmer is the son of a silent movie actor/radio player and in the process of founding Palmer Pictures, with the trademark (according to Indiewire) that includes “a range of goods and services including teddy bears, books, bar services, video recordings, golf club bags and rollerskates.”


He’ll be building said ship in China so I’m sure he’s already in the process of securing funding for the film as he is seriously serious about it, going as far as to promises that his Titanic films will be “a lot better than (James) Cameron’s” 11-time Oscar winning film and claims that his movie will be a “worldwide thing.”

I’m sure it’ll be entertaining but I’m not willing to bet my non-existent, officially licensed Titanic II rollerskates on it.

Also, I wouldn’t name it Titanic II as that kinda already exists on film…

Stay tuned.

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