Black Dynamite’s Male Pattern Afros

By October 15, 2012

“You’re virile, strong, confident, balding. Let your best attributes shine. This blog is a collection of black males who are proud to let their confidence blossom.”

And with that, an amazingly hilarious Tumblr was born. From the creators of the film (and now insanely popular cartoon on [adult swim]) Black Dynamite, here comes Male Pattern Afros.

Some of these are obvious and slightly choppy photoshop jobs but the ones that ARE real are FABULOUS.


Bald brothers, burgers and backgammon…aw yeah.

Hey, girl. How YOU doin?

Coming soon to a theatre near you!

(to the tune of “Brick House”) OW here’s some bald…dudes.

I’m confused…did you lose your hair or was it eaten?

“Enjoy that cheese sammich, honky; bald brothers get the Manwich!”

I AM smiling.

So much greatness…to check out more male pattern ‘fro-ness, hit the official Tumblr and to check out clips and episodes from the first season of BD (for FREE), hit [adult swim].com!

You can also follow Black Dynamite and some of his crew on Twitter:
@MichaelJaiWhite (Black Dynamite)
@KymWhitley (Honey Bee)
@TommyCat (Cream Corn)
@IAmCarlJones (Writer/Director)
@Black_Dynamite (official character page)

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