Bob Odenkirk Doesn’t Like Saul Goodman, Likes Jimmy McGill Better

By February 16, 2015

The “Breaking Bad” prequel series “Better Call Saul” is now in full swing on AMC, with actor Bob Odenkirk reprising his role as the attorney that will come to be an important part of Walter White’s future business practices. Of course, the road between struggling lawyer Jimmy McGill and the brash persona of the TV lawyer Saul Goodman is a complicated one, as the first two aired episodes of the series likely make clear from the outset. One person keenly aware of the differences between Jimmy’s beginnings and Saul’s ending is actor Bob Odenkirk, the man who brings the character to life on “Better Call Saul” as well as on the previous show. You may find it interesting to know, however, that Bob Odenkirk doesn’t really like Saul Goodman. Jimmy McGill, on the other hand? That’s a man he could see himself spending time with.

In an interview on Grantland, Odenkirk details what his views are on the character differences between Jimmy and Saul, of which there are apparently more than a few. When asked by an interviewer previously if he saw Saul Goodman at a party, if he would then go and hang out with him, Odenkirk’s reply was interesting.

I said, ‘No. No, I’d avoid that guy.’ I don’t have any interest in talking about law, and he’d look like a clown to me. A loudmouth clown. But, Jimmy McGill I would talk to. […] In “Breaking Bad,” you meet Saul Goodman and that is a persona that this guy has [created], saying ‘I am going to be this guy. To the public, every day I’m going to show up, and boom! Here’s this guy. […] This is a role I’m going to play.’  In “Better Call Saul,” we meet the guy who created that role. We learn the reasons why he created that role.

It’s interesting that Odenkirk creates such a massive distinction between the prototypical Jimmy McGill and the eventual identity of Saul Goodman, since they outwardly seem so similar in the first couple of episodes. In a media climate where audiences are so used to “origin stories,” “Better Call Saul” has already proven to be an engaging exercise, drawing in “Breaking Bad” fans with some surprising characters right from the outset, as well as showcasing great performance work by Odenkirk and other cast members like Michael McKean and Jonathan Banks.

For more on Odenkirk’s stance on the differences between Jimmy and Saul, be sure to see the whole interview with Odenkirk from Grantland. “Better Call Saul” airs Mondays at 10pm/9c on AMC.

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