‘Bourne’ Casts Its New Villain Opposite Matt Damon

By September 1, 2015

The Bourne franchise is perhaps one of the most iconic, and critically-acclaimed American action franchises of all time. What might have been yet another failed attempt at creating a quality spy series along similar lines as the Bond films, ended up becoming three of the most intelligent and well-done action films of the past few decades. Matt Damon shined as Jason Bourne in the original trilogy as well and helped launch him into a new stratosphere of movie stardom, along with expert directors like Doug Liman and Paul Greengrass working closely to create unique and original additions to a fairly packed genre.

However, the franchise managed to have its first misstep with The Bourne Legacy. While the movie wasn’t bad, it was certainly disappointing and didn’t manage to balance the line of story and action that the previous three films had done so well. Jeremy Renner was fine as Aaron Cross, but his character didn’t draw audiences in as much as Jason Bourne, and luckily, it looks like both the studio and filmmakers are aware of that.

It’s well-known at this point that Damon will be returning in the next installment, with Paul Greengrass returning as director, and talented actors like Tommy Lee-Jones and Alicia Vikander already signed on for the project. It looks like we can add another impressive name to that list too with Variety reporting that actor Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) has officially been cast in the movie as a villain facing off against Matt Damon’s Bourne. While details of the role are still being kept under wraps, it is said that Cassel will be playing a trained assassin coming after Jason in the film.

Anyone who has seen Cassel’s work onscreen should be able to buy this casting without a second thought. He’s one of the few actors that is able to balance the line of being incredibly charming, and also villainous at the same time. While he’s worked in the action genre before a few times, it’ll be interesting to see how his character fits into this continuation’s story, and how well his chemistry with Damon works as well. The cat-and-mouse aspect of the Bourne films have always been an integral part to their individual stories, and whether or not Cassel’s character is similar to some of the past assassins sent for Bourne, or if his character brings a new twist to the movie will have to wait to be seen.

While many believe that The Bourne Ultimatum was the perfect ending for the franchise, and where the stories should have stopped altogether, the prospect of seeing both Damon and Greengrass returning for this new installment is comforting, to say the least. Now all we have to do is cross our fingers and hope it ends up being a worthy continuation to this franchise.

Bourne is set to be released on July 29th, 2016.

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  • David Johnson

    Matt Damon has done some Very Good Characters over His career, but also many bottom feeder films. But He’ll always be Jason Bourne & I can’t wait to see what this installment brings!!!