“Breaking Bad” Real Estate: Jesse Pinkman’s House Is For Sale! (REALLY!)

By July 29, 2015

If you’re a huge fan of “Breaking Bad” and want to own a huge piece of history, you’re in luck — the home Jesse Pinkman bought (and trashed the HELL out of) is now for sale!

Thanks to Vulture, I was able to visit the website – cleverly named “Breaking Bad House,” that’s recently listed the “Spanish Colonial revival home,” site of some of the most hedonistic happenings ever seen on TV, sans meth lab and dirty people laying around.



They must’ve had one HELL of a cleaning crew because Pinkman’s parties are legendary.

If I woke up one day and found my house looking like THIS:

4x02_-_Thirty_Eight_Snub_7…I’d probably bring in a priest to cleanse the HELL out of it.

The ladies who have the listing also have a sense of humor, as they let you know “meth lab not included.” HOWEVER, if you’d like to own this piece of history, it’ll only cost you a cool 1.6 million. If you’ve an extra 1 million and would like something more modern, Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz’s home (seen in the series finale) is also for sale! If you’d like to check out both homes, head on over to Breaking Bad House; should you choose to BUY one of them – can I come live with you?

If you had the money to buy a house from a TV show or film, which one would YOU buy?

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