‘Breaking Bad’ Star Jesse Plemons Up for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Role

By January 10, 2014

Jesse Plemons

We try not to make it a habit of posting every rumor, piece of speculation, and fanboy freak-out that we come across every day. There are plenty of sites that do that, and eventually it just gets exhausting trying to keep up with the “he said, she said” game of denials, rumors, and confirmations. Yes, we’ll mention some when they’re for big projects, and right now it doesn’t get much bigger than Star Wars: Episode VII. Still shrouded in typical Abrams-esque secrecy, we don’t know THAT much about the project yet, but if The Wrap’s newest report is to be believed, we may have just found out which young actor will play a major role in the movie.

They have it on good authority from multiple sources that Jesse Plemons, the actor who played the wonderfully dead-eyed psychopath Todd in the later seasons of “Breaking Bad,” is the frontrunner to score “one of the coveted lead roles” in the J.J. Abrams-helmed sequel. Just 25 years old, Plemons got his big break when he was cast on Peter Berg’s “Friday Night Lights” TV series as the wholesome Landry Clarke; he got an even bigger career boost when he played 180 degrees against type on “Breaking Bad.” No word yet on which character he could play, but The Wrap notes that Plemons bears a resemblance to Mark Hamill, and early word was that this story would follow some of the offspring of the original cast.

Jesse Plemons 3

But all that was before Michael Arndt was unceremoniously let go from the production, leaving Abrams and co-screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan to start over with a whole new story. Anything else would be exactly the kind of speculation I was talking about at the top of this post, so I’ll just leave you by reiterating that Plemons made a great impact with a relatively small role on “Breaking Bad” and is very much still in the pop culture consciousness right now, and Abrams could certainly do worse when it comes to looking for up-and-coming actors to fill roles in Lucas’s universe. (There were also rumors at one point that Michael B. Jordan was in talks for a role in Episode VII, so that would be a cool “Friday Night Lights” reunion if both of these guys ended up walking away with parts.)

Plemons is supposed to audition for J.J. Abrams next week – his initial auditions impressed the casting folks, so he’s meeting with the head honcho before a final decision is made. Now that the calendar has turned over, Abrams won’t be able to hide info for THAT much longer, so expect more confirmations in the coming months from the Bad Robot and Lucasfilm camps. Star Wars: Episode VII will hit theaters on December 18th, 2015, and J.J. Abrams is excited about that date. How about you? Interested in seeing Plemons head to a galaxy far, far away? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Jonathan8889

    Well, good luck to him, if he gets that role and he excels it will open future roles in the big screen.