BREAKING: Emma Stone In Talks to Play Cruella de Vil

By January 6, 2016

I will spare you the proper opening and get right to the nitty gritty – yes. Disney is, in fact, making a live action movie about Cruella de Vil. An origin story about the woman who wanted to kill a bunch of puppies and use their fur as a coat. Disney!

But, seriously – Disney hasn’t steered me wrong in a very long time. I enjoyed their live action Cinderella movie, felt a bit disappointed with Malificent but am very intrigued/excited about their Jungle Book venture. So it comes as no surprise that a new take on one of their most popular villains of all time would be getting an update and because of it, I’m open to the possibility.

But who to play Cruella?

Thanks to a new report by The Hollywood Reporter, we have a name… a rather interesting, out of the box, from left field name in talks for the lead role: Emma Stone.

From THR:

Emma Stone is in early negotiations to portray the iconic Disney villainess Cruella de Vil in the film Cruella, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Many of you, including this writer, first thought of the live action 101 Dalmatians movie starring Glenn Close. It did so well it even earned a sequel in 102 Dalmations. No word yet if those movies are still canon…

But now, I have so many odd visions in my head and none of them see Emma Stone in the part. She is one of my favorite actresses working today, yet, picturing her waving a cigarette holder as a sword, smoothing over skunked up hair just feels… weird. But as I said, Disney has yet to steer me wrong and if anyone can change the weird-o thoughts in my brain, it’s Emma Stone. She will make the part her own and, most likely, will impress the socks out of audiences everywhere.

The live-action re-imagining of the 101 Dalmatians character doesn’t have a director attached as of yet but THR’s report mentions the movie is a high priority at the moment; with plans to shoot the film later this year. Writer Kelly Marcel is penning the adaptation intended as an origin story. Other than that, details are scarce.

But as I said, if anyone can make this work, it’s Emma Stone. And with her name in the mix, seemingly close to signing on the dotted line, what they need next is an established director to come in with an interesting take. If they nail that appointment, Disney might have themselves a great new franchise.

We’ll update you all as soon as we have more updates so make sure you keep your eyes here on GeekNation!

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