BREAKING: ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ Crossover Officially Announced

By February 3, 2016

The crossover DC TV fans have all been waiting for, is officially a go.

After several months of rumors and speculation from the fans, it has been revealed that The Flash and Supergirl will be crossing over after all, connecting to the two DC television shows for the first time. Despite residing on different networks as well, with Flash on the CW and Supergirl on CBS, the practically same creative talent behind-the-scenes had led many fans to believe that a crossover between the two series was inevitable, especially with Gustin’s Barry Allen able to travel between different dimensions and worlds.

Gustin will appear as the Scarlet Speedster on the Monday, March 28th episode of Supergirl, though no official plot details have been revealed, including how the two heroes manage to cross paths in the first place. Executive Producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti commented on the news with the following:

“We are so incredibly excited to announce something that we have dreamed of happening since we starting making ‘Supergirl’ – ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ are teaming up! We want to thank Grant Gustin for making the time to come visit (on top of his already immense workload) and all of the folks at CBS, The CW, Warner Bros. and DC for working this out. And finally thanks to the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone’s enthusiasm and support.”

The DC shows from Berlanti, Kreisberg, and their other team of writers and showrunners have made it a goal of theirs to keep the properties they create in the same universe somehow, with the recent superhero team-up series, Legends of Tomorrow, combining supporting characters from both The Flash and Arrow.

Considering Supergirl‘s somewhat divisive reception from the fans over the past few months, the inclusion of Gustin’s Barry Allen, who is perhaps the most beloved onscreen DC character right now (in both the TV and film realm) could help to bring more of the CW viewers over the Kryptonian-led series.

There’s no word on whether or not they still exist in the same world, or if Barry will have to travel to one of the different Earths to find Melissa Benoist’s daughter of Krypton. Plot details and images will likely begin coming out over the next few weeks though, so for now DC fans, we can at least rejoice in the news that this is happening.

The Flash and Supergirl crossover will happen on Monday, March 28th.

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