British Comedian James Corden Will Reportedly Take Over ‘The Late Late Show’

By August 5, 2014

Following in the footsteps of David Letterman leaving “The Late Show,” we already knew comedian Craig Ferguson was leaving “The Late Late Show,” and following the timeslot that will be taken over by Stephen Colbert in 2015, there’s finally a replacement for the later talk show.

After names like Joel McHale, Neil Patrick Harris and even Norm MacDonald were thrown around, The Wrap reports CBS has zeroed in on British star James Corden to take over the late night talk show next year. If you have no idea who that is, don’t worry, because you’re not alone.

Corden has been a rising star in the United States lately with roles in Begin Again, One Chance, Gulliver’s Travels, The Three Musketeers, and this winter’s Disney musical Into the Woods. But he’s much better known across the pond for his work on series like “Gavin & Stacey” and “Fat Friends,” not to mention his own comedy series called “Horne & Corden” and a couple appearances in “Doctor Who.” Here’s an appearance he made at a big British sports event in the United Kingdom as one of his better known comedy characters:

This seems like a bold move for CBS since Corden is not anywhere near as well-known as any of the other viable replacements, but he does have considerable hosting experience across the pond with various game shows, awards programs and more. Honestly, he’s not much less qualified than Craig Ferguson was when he took over the show in 2005. At the time of Ferguson’s hiring, he was best known for his regular role on “The Drew Carey Show” and his stand-up comedy, but that was hardly a guarantee that he would be a successful host for nine years.

Before Corden takes over “The Late Late Show,” you can bet he’ll be marched around to make sure viewers learn who he is by the time the new iteration of the show begins in 2015. If anything, maybe CBS is counting on Corden becoming a much more well-known name after audiences see him in Into the Woods this Christmas. It also helps that Corden has over 4 million Twitter followers, something that actually matters in this business.

Are you interested in James Corden hosting “The Late Late Show” at all?

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