Brooks Wheelan Officially Fired from ‘Saturday Night Live’ After One Season

By July 14, 2014

Though there were plenty of sketches to love from this past 39th season of the staple late night live sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live,” not everyone had that great of a season. And one of those unfortunate players won’t be back for this fall’s soon to be celebrated 40th season.

Featured cast member Brooks Wheelan, one of five new additions to the cast last fall, posted on Twitter that he was let go from “SNL.” Here’s his amusing but bittersweet tweet:

Surely this is a bummer for Wheelan, who was clearly having a blast during his handful of appearances on the show, especially when he got to spout off the infamous “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” catchphrase that closes the cold open. But this is far from surprising. You might remember, back in April, Wheelan made this second appearance as himself on Weekend Update in the episode hosted by Anna Kendrick:


It was after this segment, lifted directly from Wheelan’s stand-up comedy work, that I proclaimed, “Don’t be surprised if Wheelan doesn’t get invited back for next season.” I would have loved to have been proven wrong, but alas, here we are with EW confirming what Wheelan announced himself.

To be fair, with a cast this size, it was probably pretty hard for Wheelan to stand out. The sheer size of the cast makes it hard for any of the cast members to shine, even the veterans like Taran Killam (though Kate McKinnon didn’t have any trouble, earning herself an Emmy nomination last week). At least one of the new featured cast members was going to go down, and Wheelan might not be the only one before the 40th season begins. Stay tuned.

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Ethan Anderton
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