Call Of Duty Elite For Black Ops II Wants To Make You A Better Soldier

By November 15, 2012


With recently released Black Ops II being played around the world in record numbers (me included), here’s a few things you should know about Call of Duty Elite TV for Black Ops II…

(You should pay attention because utilizing these can help raise your Kill/Death ratio and make you a dangerous soldier.)

And away we go!

1Call of Duty Elite for Black Ops II is FREE and will deliver a renewed community focus that’ll feature tips on loadouts and playstyles, strategies on the best ways to play the maps AND this year will feature an emphasis around helping players improve their multiplayer skills with three new Call of Duty Academy shows:

Create-a-Class Guide: Focusing on gameplay styles to help players get the most out of Black Ops II’s new “Pick 10” create-a-class system.

Multiplayer Guide: Featuring tips and strategies on taking cover, long-range combat, movement, using grenades, close-quarters combat and tactics, and more.

Tutorials: Episodes dedicated to teaching players how to use some of the groundbreaking new features available in multiplayer, including Livestreaming, CODcasting, Leagues, and the “Pick 10” create-a-class system.  For example, you can log into CoD Elite right now (for free) and watch the tutorial episode on Custom Classes.

2CoD Elite for Black Ops II also features Zombies support, so now you can track your Zombies stats and compare them to other players’ stats from around the world!

3 CoD Elite not only helps track your overall performance, other new and improved features include:

Expanded Clan Communications: Clan leaders can communicate directly with their Clan via push messaging to mobile devices for a more social and immediate experience, making tasks like updating the message of the day, or alerting Clan members to upcoming Clan Ops and Challenges even easier.

Improved Access to Clan Ops and Challenges: Now any Clan member can enlist their Clan into upcoming Clan Ops and Challenges, no longer being solely reliant on the Clan leader to jump into competitions.

One Button Class Copy: Copying another player’s loadout is now easier than ever.  If another player perpetually owns you in multiplayer, just click a button in CoD Elite to copy that player’s loadout to try it out for yourself.

Man, that One Button Class Copy feature and CoD Academy’s gonna come in real handy (as I get fragged and sniped A LOT) and knowing it’s free, I have a feeling a lot of players are JUST as excited as I am!

For more about Black Ops II, be sure to check out the official website!


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