‘Captain Marvel’ Director Possibly Revealed

By May 16, 2016

With the character set to make her onscreen debut in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1, and Marvel head, Kevin Feige, revealing that a casting announcement should be expected this Summer (presumably around San Diego Comic-Con) talk surrounding Captain Marvel has steadily begun to increase over the past few weeks, thanks in large part to the informative Civil War press circuit.

It has been presumed as well by many fans, that Marvel is going to search for a female director to helm the character’s 2019 standalone film, with two female screenwriters penning the script as well. It looks like we may know one of Marvel’s possible choices to direct the movie as well.

We Got This Covered is reporting that White Girl director, Elizabeth Wood, is in talks to direct the movie for the studio, after apparently having a private meeting with Marvel. For those of you who don’t know as well, Wood made a startling debut earlier this year with White Girl at the Sundance Film Festival, which not only received a Grand Jury Prize nomination, but also a seven figure distribution deal with Netflix following the festival – marking Wood as one of the most promising up and comers in the industry right now.

Now of course, this should only be treated as a rumor for right now until any official confirmation comes, so make sure to take all of this with a grain of salt for the time being.

However, it does stay in line with two of Marvel’s most recent trends, as Wood’s not only a female director, but someone who’s made a mark in the independent scene now and could afford to make the transition into the blockbuster world. Which sounds incredibly similar to directors like Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Jon Watts, Taika Waititi with Thor: Ragnarok, and even James Gunn before Guardians of the Galaxy.

This sounds like one of those ballsy choices from Marvel that I love as well, and while I’m unfamiliar with Wood’s work up until this point, if the studio has faith that she’s the right one to direct the movie, which still ranks as one of my most anticipated Marvel projects in development right now (possibly because of my undying love for the character), then I’m not gonna question it.

Captain Marvel is set to hit theatres on March 8th, 2019.

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