‘Captain Marvel’ Will Be Marvel Studios’ First Female Superhero Movie

By October 28, 2014

The one area where Warner Bros. and DC Comics had an edge on their competitors at Marvel was in the category of female superheroes. When WB/DC announced their lineup a couple of weeks ago, a Wonder Woman solo film was on their list. That made fandom happy, especially the females who may have felt underrepresented on the big screen lately (or just embarrassed at how terrible Catwoman and Elektra turned out to be). Whether it was a solo Black Widow movie or something else entirely, we knew that Marvel would have to eventually work a lady into the lead role of one of their films – it makes sense, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t have happened already. (Hell, even Sony was supposedly working on a female superhero film that was a spinoff of Spider-Man, slated for 2017.)

At Marvel’s event this morning in Hollywood, they finally made the announcement fans were waiting for: a Captain Marvel movie is on the way, and it’ll hit theaters on July 6th, 2018. This seems to confirm an early report that Captain Marvel will be a part of the Avengers team by the end of Age of Ultron (or at least be introduced in the film). Like many comic book characters, Carol Danvers has a complicated history that will likely be extremely pared down in the film version, but this is another step in the right direction for Marvel, who really seem to be firing on all cylinders right now.


Who do you think would make a good Carol Danvers? Are you psyched about a Captain Marvel film? Let us know below!

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