Castle Recap: “After The Storm”

By September 25, 2012

After five years in the making, Castle returns with the romance of Beckett and Castle…and the revelation of Johanna Beckett’s murderer.

Though they are prepared to spend the day in bed, Castle and Beckett’s morning after takes an unfortunate turn when Martha returns home, and a sheet-wrapped Castle sends Kate into hiding in the closet. As Castle distractedly deals with Alexis’ first hangover, Kate sneaks out, but not before giving Castle a dirty look (and not the good kind, either).

Later, at Beckett’s apartment, she confronts him, and he admits that he isn’t ready for the whole world to know about their relationship. The tables rapidly turn when Ryan arrives, and Kate demands that Castle hide in her closet. He refuses, insisting that the situation is very different; after all, this time, they’re both fully clothed.

Once inside, Ryan shows them a picture stolen from Montgomery’s wedding album. Castle recognizes the man in the image; he is ‘Mr. Smith,’ the same man to whom Montgomery sent the files meant to keep Kate safe.

Castle and Beckett track down Mr. Smith, only to discover him barely clutching to life following an attack by Cole Maddox, Beckett’s would-be-assassin. After solving Smith’s riddle, Beckett and Castle seek out another copy of the files (the first was burned by Maddox). There, they run into Maddox, on a quest for the same prize; the files, however, are booby trapped, and they explode, taking the assassin along with them.

Ryan collects the remains of the files, and he, Castle, Beckett, and Esposito spend the night trying to piece them back together. A bank account number leads them straight to Johanna Beckett’s killer: Senator William H. Bracken. Kate and Castle return to the hospital to speak with Smith, but he refuses to help, telling Beckett that Bracken’s untouchable. Minutes after they leave, Bracken is murdered.

Beckett confronts Bracken at a fundraiser, luring him away from the crowd, gun in hand. He makes a moving speech about the good he’s done as a public servant, but Kate isn’t fooled. When he tells her that it is he who has the power, no matter who holds the gun, she turns the tables on him. She tells him that she now has the files, and threatens to make them public should any harm come to her or her friends.

Beckett returns to the precinct, rescinding her resignation. Gates agrees to her return, but makes it clear that she knows Beckett is protecting Captain Montgomery. Her suspension still in progress, Castle and Beckett leave the precinct…with a promise to make good on their plans to spend the day in bed.