Castle Recap: “Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder”

By October 2, 2012

And so begins week two of Castle and Beckett’s sneaking around.

It’s Kate’s first day back at work, and she’s trying to find something to wear. Castle’s approval of her ‘sexy’ shirt is met with dismay, and she changes into a plain, white blouse. She doesn’t want their relationship to be obvious to her fellow detectives…especially since the NYPD has a strict, no-fraternization policy.

On their way to the crime scene, Castle makes his first mistake. After four years of bringing her coffee every morning, he fails to do so…because he knows she’s already had hers. Despite Castle’s assurances that no one will notice, Esposito comments on it right away. Strike one.

The body belongs to weather girl Mandy Michaels. Her death looks like a mugging, so Esposito and Ryan track her phone and purse down to a man in an apartment building, Esposito sniping at Ryan the whole way.

The man claims he found Mandy’s belongings in a dumpster, and Lanie confirms that it wasn’t really a mugging; rather, the weather girl’s shirt was torn and her body bruised post-mortem. While in the morgue, Lanie tells Kate that something looks different about her, and bluntly surmises that she’s had sex. As she and Castle flounder for an explanation, Lanie asks who the guy is, much to Beckett’s relief.

Ryan discovers a threatening note in Mandy’s wallet. Castle and Beckett head off to the news station to investigate, and Castle is accosted by a flirty female reporter demanding a long-delayed interview. While at the studio, they learn that Mandy was receiving calls from an anonymous burner phone, and, thanks to a tip from the make-up artists, discover that the phone belonged to a professional athlete with whom she was having an affair.

Still bickering, Esposito and Ryan track down Reggie Blake, who is in the process of signing autographs. Blake’s security guards won’t allow the detectives in to speak with their client, and fisticuffs ensue. Back at the station, Reggie insists that his relationship with Mandy was strictly platonic–even going so far as to demand that Ryan and Esposito ask his wife. His alibi checks out, and his wife confirms that they were all ‘just friends.’

Back at square one, the group discovers that Mandy had been fighting with fellow reporter, Miles Haxton. Miles claims that it was a lover’s quarrel, and that their relationship was destroyed by their need to keep it secret. Castle and Beckett listen uncomfortably, unable to ignore the parallels to their own budding romance.

While at the station, Castle is roped into his interview with the sultry Kristina Cottera, who asks him out on a date. Unable to admit to his relationship with Beckett, he agrees to the date, much to Kate’s dismay. After all, he insists, what better way to preserve their cover?

The team soon discovers that an asthmatic Mandy had hired a helicopter to take her to New Jersey. There, she was gathering evidence of toxic levels of styrene being produced by a factory, aggravating the asthma of children in the area. They soon discover that the factory owner was threatening Mandy, but they have no hard evidence to pin the murder on him. The group discovers one last clue: a photograph of the factory, taken while Mandy was on the air.

As Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan ponder the evidence, Castle heads off for his date. His chaste plans take a quick turn for the worse, however, when Kristina shows up at his apartment, armed with aphrodisiacs and a plan to seduce him. Castle accidentally calls Beckett, and she overhears the pair struggling as Castle tries to escape Kristina’s clutches.

Beckett kicks in Castle’s door, gun at the ready…only to find Kristina on top of Castle on the couch. Though Kate is none too pleased, a lipstick-smeared Castle insists he knows who the killer is.

Kristina told Castle that Miles Haxton is the one man who has rejected her advances…because he’s gay. Deducing that his relationship with Mandy wasn’t romantic at all, they realize that he was her partner in the quest to expose the factory, having taken the photo she couldn’t have. They also realize that Mandy wanted to turn the evidence over to the EPA, rather than allowing Miles to break a career-saving story. He confesses to killing her, but insists that it was an accident.

Still angry at Castle for his tryst with Kristina, Beckett leaves without him. Esposito and Ryan turn on the TV, only to see their earlier brawl televised. Their dismay turns to brotherly affection, however, when Esposito discovers that Ryan took a punch for him. Finally burying the hatchet, they leave to get a drink.

Castle shows up on Kate’s doorstep, where Beckett reveals her fears that their relationship will implode. Kate asks him not to date other people, and Castle readily agrees, but she denies him a kiss, the image of Kristina’s boobs in his face still seared into her mind.