‘Castle’ Recap: “Need To Know”

By October 8, 2013


When a has-been sitcom star is skewered mid-air by a hook, the Feds get called in to investigate.

Back at home, Castle is going a bit crazy. He’s tired of seeing Beckett only by video chat, and Pi’s early morning blending escapades have him seething. In fact, he’s ready to throw a fit, but Martha reminds him that trying to come between Alexis and Pi will only push them closer together.

Castle 3x03 2

Fortunately, he turns on the news to see a distraction: the body of Charlie Reynolds, dangling from a hook at a construction site. Eager to get back to solving cases, he calls Esposito…only to see the detective reject his call on live TV! Undeterred, he heads down to the crime scene, where new detective Sully denies him entry. Ryan and Esposito come to tell him that he’s no longer allowed at crime scenes, but Castle manages to convince them to let him through.

Castle 3x03 3

They pay a visit to what they think is a crazy stalker – a woman who left him a bunch of threatening messages. They soon discover that she was actually Charlie’s agent, and that she was angry because Charlie had made a slew of cash without giving her a cut. But where did the money come from?

Castle 3x03 4

Back at the precinct, Gates is back from her conference a day early and none too pleased to see Castle. The team has bigger problems, however, when the feds arrive to take over the case. Beckett is back, with new partner Rachel in tow, and the detectives are operating on a need to know basis. Ryan and Esposito accuse Castle of being a traitor, and demand he prove his loyalties by pumping Beckett for information. She, of course, sees right through his ruse and tells him nothing.

Castle 3x03 5

Ryan, Esposito, and Castle pay a visit to Ramon, one of Charlie’s co-stars from “2 Cool For School.” Ramon informs them that they’re in the process of doing a reunion film. Ryan, a huge fan of the show, is elated. Ramon admits that he and Charlie had a big fight the day before he died, but claims it was only because Charlie suddenly didn’t seem to be putting any effort into the movie.

Castle 3x03 6

Sully discovers that Charlie had been snooping into the books, which points the detectives in the direction of the movie’s producer, Hank Harper – a man who was accused of embezzlement before. They go to confront him, but Harper freely hands over his books. He wouldn’t mess with the Russians, he claims, and they’re the ones funding his movie.

Castle 3x03 7

The detectives discover an invoice for a camera shipment in Charlie’s pocket, and follow the trail to a warehouse. There, they find a stash of guns…and then find a set of guns pointed right back at them. It’s Beckett and Rachel, who have followed their own lead to the warehouse. They begin to have a turf war – both want to take the guns back as their own evidence – but a third party arrives, gun in hand. He, it turns out, is a CIA agent…and Charlie was his asset.

Castle 3x03 8

Suddenly, the case falls out of their hands: the CIA doesn’t want their investigation to compromise its own mission: bringing down a family of Russian gangsters. Still a cop at heart, Beckett needs justice for the victim, and thus slips Castle a jump drive containing footage of Charlie being followed to the warehouse.

Castle 3x03 9

They quickly realize that he was being followed by Svetlana Rainkoff, an actress from the movie…and the Russian mob boss’s niece. They bring her in for questioning, and discover that she knew that Charlie was a spy. She did not, however, kill him. They were star-crossed lovers, and she and Charlie had plans to run away together and start over. Charlie was apparently planning to give his apartment to Ramon.

Castle 3x03 10

They place Ramon under arrest, and discover that he was, in fact, the killer. Furious that Charlie was going to give up on their massive movie deal – and thus relegate Ramon back to low-paying security jobs – he snapped and pushed him off the roof.

Castle 3x03 11

In the next room, the CIA agent blackmails Svetlana into joining his cause. If she doesn’t cooperate, he’ll leak news of her disloyalty to her family. Beckett won’t have this; she leaks a false report to the press, claiming that Svetlana is under investigation for her ties to organized crime. Beckett knows Svetlana’s family will distance themselves from her, putting her safely out of reach from the CIA.

Castle 3x03 12

That evening, Castle tells Beckett that he can’t handle their long distance relationship. Beckett is crushed, but Castle has a great solution – an apartment to share with her in DC! Just as they begin to celebrate this turn of events, there’s a buzzing at the door. It’s Rachel. She’s come to tell Beckett that, for mucking with the CIA, she’s been fired. Apparently, they won’t need that apartment after all.

Castle 3x03 13