Castle Recap: “Probable Cause”

By October 30, 2012

A ritualistic killing leaves Castle the prime suspect, with Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan struggling to make sense of the mounting evidence against him.

The crime scene is meticulous. There is no evidence of a break-in, and nothing to indicate the killer’s identity. There are traces of talcum powder on the body, indicating the use of surgical gloves. The only fingerprint on the door handle? Richard Castle’s.

The victim’s roommate tells the police that her friend was having an affair with a wealthy, handsome man. Ryan finds an earring in the victim’s apartment. They trace it back to a custom jeweler, and surveillance footage reveals the buyer to be Castle.

With the evidence mounting, Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan come to search Castle’s apartment. There, they find one of Castle’s bags, filled with the same wires used to hang the victim from the ceiling of her apartment. Also inside? A bloodied shirt.

As if things weren’t bad enough, the team discover files wiped from of Castle’s hard drive. Among them are a manuscript articulating the exact crime scene they discovered, alongside emails suggesting an affair between Castle and the victim.

Kate goes to Lanie a sobbing mess, but is still convinced it’s all a lie. Locked in his cell, Castle receives a visitor: 3XK, a.k.a. the Triple Killer. Miffed that Castle and Beckett ruined his plans to disappear, 3XK has been plotting his revenge. He is the one who set Castle up.

Despite the desperate cast to this tale, Kate believes Castle. Frantically, she searches for evidence to prove his innocence before he can be carted away to Central Booking – and his impending execution by people in 3XK’s pocket. Ryan and Esposito – now both aware of Castle and Beckett’s relationship – and even Gates race against time to save Castle. Unfortunately, the DA is in no mood to cooperate, and a team arrives to take Castle away. As Kate takes Castle to meet them, he reminds her of the first time she handcuffed him at the public library.

Immediately after the team takes him away, another pair arrive to do the same. Terrified, Kate and Esposito believe the Triple Killer now has him… until Beckett realizes he’s left her a clue. Castle has used his resources to finagle an escape, and is now waiting for her at the public library.

The pair discovers that an ad had been placed for a Castle look-a-like, leading them to a Castle-esque waiter. The look-a-like was hired to purchase jewelry under the pretext of being part of a reality show. The producer said reality show? The Triple Killer.

Along with Esposito and Ryan, Castle and Beckett find a loft that 3XK has been using. Inside, they discover surveillance photos of Castle, alongside blueprints showing the position of surveillance cameras inside the precinct. Also inside? A latex model of Castle’s fingerprints. Castle is off the hook, but the Triple Killer is still missing.

As Kate and Castle sit alone in a car talking, 3XK suddenly rams them from behind. He fires a gun at them, and Kate shoots back. 3XK slumps over in his seat, but, like the typical horror movie villain, suddenly springs back to life. He grabs Kate, holding her hostage, but Castle surprises him, shooting him until he falls off the bridge and into the water.

The next day, as police unsuccessfully scour the water for a body, Castle tells Kate they won’t find one. 3XK wanted to disappear, and Castle believes that faking his death was the Triple Killer’s plan all along.

Does this mean we haven’t seen the last of 3XK? Were you surprised to see the Triple Killer return?