Castle Recap: “Reality Star Struck”

By February 13, 2013

As murder plagues the reality show, The Wives of Wall $treet, Castle’s Valentine’s Day plans take a turn for the worse.

Hannah, the show’s resident vixen, has been found with a $200 knife in her back. The obvious suspect? Penelope (Firefly’s own Gina Torres), Hannah’s former boss…and the aggrieved wife in Hannah’s recent affair with her husband, Bob. A broken, bright pink nail found in Hannah’s hair is evidence enough…but Penelope has an alibi.

Next stop: Margo, Hannah’s new boss and another Wall $treet wife. Shortly before her death, Hannah showed up on Margo’s doorstep, but Margo too has an alibi during the murder: she was on a conference call with her entertainment attorney.

Gates, a rabid fan of the show, orders Castle and Beckett to watch it. Beckett makes it through only a single episode, while Castle gets sucked into an all-night marathon. The next morning, he and Gates giddily discuss the plot twists, but their newly cordial relationship is put in jeopardy. Castle, on his mother’s advice, slips a jewelry box and love note into Gates’ blazer, mistaking it for Beckett’s.

The plot thickens; the day before her murder, Hannah had been held hostage. When the detectives learn where (thanks to a unique substance found in the wallpaper), they barge in…only to find Bob and Penelope in bed together. At first, neither will talk, but Beckett channels her inner-Penelope and rages at Bob, overturning the table in the interrogation room. Completely terrified, Bob confesses to the kidnapping…but not the murder.

The affair between Bob and Hannah had been staged to give Penelope more air time. Struggling with her image as the other woman–and the damage it was doing to her family relationships–Hannah had decided to come clean. Panicking, Penelope and Bob tied her up in the apartment and called the show’s producer for help. He came to her aid, only to discover that her silence could be bought, giving him the perfect motive for murder.

But, alas, the producer also has an alibi. There’s another thread to follow, however; Hannah had actually gone to Margo’s apartment to visit her son, Stone. While under pressure from his mother to marry the daughter of another housewife, Stone had secretly found love with Hannah. He’d run after her that night, kissing her in the street near the scene of the crime…but he isn’t the killer. That distinguishment belongs to his fiancé, Ashley. A witness to Stone and Hannah’s affair, she had more than love to lose. A spin-off show was already in the works, and she wasn’t prepared to have reality TV success stolen from her. With a $200 knife from her wedding registry in hand, she stabbed Hannah in the back.

With the murder solved, there’s still one last crisis to attend to: the misplaced jewelry box. Enraged, Gates calls Castle into her office, where he prepares to face the repercussions of his secret relationship with Beckett. Fortunately, he’d forgotten to put Kate’s name on the note, leading a furious Gates to assume that Castle was hitting on her–a married woman! Chastisement aside, Castle dodges a bullet and returns to Beckett’s apartment, where she gives him a very special Valentine’s Day gift: a drawer of his own.