Castle Recap: “Still”

By May 1, 2013

What do you do when the woman you love is standing on a bomb? Debate who fell for whom first!

Castle prepares breakfast in bed–including heart-shaped foam in the latte–but they’re called in to investigate a bombing before either can eat it. They locate the suspect’s apartment, and he flees the scene, beating a hasty retreat down the fire escape. Ryan and Esposito take him into custody, but not before he activates the motion sensor on a bomb beneath the floor plates.

Lo and behold, who steps in the wrong spot? Kate Beckett.

Against the advice of the bomb squad, Castle stays with Beckett, offering suggestions on how to get her out of there. Replace her with something of equal weight? No–the motion sensor is so sensitive, that even shifting from one foot to the other could set it off. Tackle her off that part of the floor? It won’t matter; the whole building will go up in smoke.

As Ryan and Esposito fight to get something out of the suspect, Castle and Beckett banter about the early days of their working relationship. Kate insists that she found Castle obnoxious; he claims she was flirting with him from the very beginning. Cue the flashbacks.

More bad news: the bomb squad discovers there’s a timer on the bomb. Beckett has only thirty minutes left, so she sends Castle away against his protestations. For the first time in the history of the show, we hear the words, “I love you Rick,” before he reluctantly departs. She calls her father, leaving him a final voicemail.

The suspect won’t give up the bomb code unless he’s granted immunity, so Esposito goes to confront him in his cell. He finds the man dead–suicide via a pen in his throat. The detectives learn that he was terminally ill; the bombings he committed were not about revenge (he was a convicted murderer, and his victims were all connected to the trial); rather, he was looking for information. His ex-girlfriend was given a new identity and had taken his son with them. He wanted to see his son again before he died, and was searching for someone who knew how to find them.

Refusing to give up, Castle returns to Beckett’s side, bearing coffee. There’s only minutes left, but he’s determined to defuse the bomb in time. He asks Esposito and Ryan for the name of the bomber’s son; it’s William. Castle types in “Billy;” the timer on his phone expires, for the bomb remains undetonated.

Outside the apartment, Beckett is about to kiss Castle when Gates arrives. They feign professionalism, but Gates tells Kate to kiss Castle; she’s known about them all along!