Castle Recap: “Swan Song”

By November 13, 2012

The NYPD is accidentally embroiled in a documentary when the lead guitarist of a rising band is killed.

The camera crew follows everyone at the precinct as they go through the motions of their investigation. Esposito, Castle, Lanie, and even Gates put on a show for the cameras while Beckett constantly tries to get them out of her face. They find a groupie trapped in the victim’s closet, and she claims she heard horse hooves clomping through the trailer.

The band tells the police that James, the victim, had been acting strangely ever since their performance in Ithaca. They discover that James had a stalker, and find bloody clothes in the other man’s van. The blood, however, is his own and the stalker’s merely a concerned parent trying to rescue his daughter from her life as a groupie.

With one suspect on the chopping block, the police turn their attention to the band itself. The lead singer’s shoes carry the distinct sound of horse hooves, making him the new prime suspect. When that lead fails to pan out, the team turns their investigation to James’ past, intrigued by his lack of vaccinations and strange tattoo. They soon realize that he was part of a cult based in Ithaca and that his former cult leader had arrived in New York City just before James’ murder.

The cult leader insists that the police are persecuting him for his religious beliefs, but that doesn’t explain the $25,000 he received from James the day of his murder. That money, as it turns out, was used to buy the freedom of former cult member, and current roadie, Hank Rogers. Hank was the one who taught James to play the guitar. James wanted to take the band in a new direction and hire Hank, but that would mean someone else would have to go. Zeke, the bass guitarist, is the odd man out. Beckett and Castle confront him with a complicated piece of sheet music that James had had commissioned and ask him to play. When he is unable to carry out their request, he explodes in a fit of rage, confessing to the murder.

Beckett and Castle dodge a bullet and manage to keep some incriminating film from Gates’ eyes. Esposito and Ryan join the band in playing a song as Beckett leads the camera crew on a wild goose chase to her favorite part of the precinct: a supply closet. She sticks out her tongue and locks them inside.