Castle Recap: “The Fast and the Furriest”

By April 19, 2013

And the hunt for Bigfoot continues!

Anne Cardinal: found dead in an alley, a deep gash in her face, besides two pairs of footprints: one human, one monstrous.

Throw in a phone call to the world’s most renowned Bigfoot expert and an argument with a Bigfoot hunter, and Richard Castle is convinced: Bigfoot murdered Anne!

Not so fast. Beckett, ever the skeptic, is focused on the cold, hard facts of the case. There’s a pendant found in Anne’s stomach–one belonging to her roommate, Justine. Justine had been murdered a year ago–presumably by her boyfriend, Kurt Wilson, who fled before an arrest was possible.

They also find a video on Anne’s cloud, revealing that her final moments were spent in a forest, and not the Alley in which her body was dumped. Castle and Beckett go into the woods, only to get caught in a Bigfoot Trap left by Dr. Darrell Meeks…the Bigfoot expert. Dressed in a Big Foot costume, he admits to following Anne into the woods, hoping to find the Bigfoot she was tracking. He wasn’t alone; Chase Diggins, Aussie Bigfoot hunter, followed Anne into the alley the day before her death, leaving footprints…and watching Anne fake Bigfoots to throw other would-be Bigfoot chasers off her trail.

Esposito and Ryan find Kurt at Anne’s apartment and bring him in for questioning. He claims that, not only is he innocent of both murders, but that Anne was helping him find the real killer. Anne was shaken by someone at the school, and had planned to drop out and switch to a different college. The day of her death, she was supposed to meet with the school’s Dean to explain why.

Enter Professor Devlin: Anne’s boss at a primate sanctuary…and Justine’s one-time professor. He’d been accused of stalking and sexual harassment at four different schools and became obsessed with Justine. To keep the truth from coming out, he killed her.

With one mystery solved, there’s still one more: Who is stealing food from Castle’s fridge?

In the middle of the night, his trap goes off, and Alexis gets a face full of blue dye! She’d run out of money after donating it all to a friend’s cause, and didn’t want to hear her father’s speech about people taking advantage of their wealth. Castle believes in supernatural entities; she believes in people. Castle takes her out to dinner–she owes him a chateaubriand–and tells her to invite her friend.