Castle Recap: “The Lives Of Others”

By April 3, 2013

Has Richard Castle’s overactive imagination finally gotten the best of him?

Stuck at home with a broken leg and bored silly, Castle has no choice but to observe the neighbors to amuse himself. Binoculars in hand, he watches an affair transpire…only for the boyfriend to come home early. The woman ushers her lover into the closet, hiding him until the coast is clear, then shoves him out the door. Problem solved? Not so fast. Her lover’s left behind his hat.

Suddenly, her boyfriend’s got a knife, and he’s following her into the bedroom. Closed blinds block Castle’s view, but something slams against them, slithering down. Gripped by fear, Castle calls Beckett; has he just witnessed a murder?

Esposito and Ryan go across the street to investigate, but there’s no evidence of foul play. Moreover, they claim to have spoken to the woman over the phone; she’s alive and well. Castle isn’t buying it; later that night, he watches as the boyfriend drags a rolled up rug out of his apartment. The next day, with Alexis standing watch across the street, he hobbles across the way to investigate. He discovers blood stains on the closet wall, alongside paint and bleach. Off balance thanks to his broken leg, he falls backward…just in time for the boyfriend to return home.

Castle manages to hide from the boyfriend and sneak out of the apartment. He convinces Beckett to come with him to a storage locker, where he believes the body has been hidden. Inside, there’s a rug and two garbage bags…but no body. A security guard finds them and takes them into custody; Captain Gates is furious. Even though Gates herself claims to have spoken to the alleged victim and confirmed her safety, Castle’s suspicions are not laid to rest. That night, as he and Kate prepare for his birthday dinner, he can’t stop looking out the window. Maybe the body’s in the refrigerator!

Fed up, Beckett heads across the street to prove him wrong. But when she tries to open the fridge, the boyfriend grabs her and reaches for a knife…only for the room to be suddenly plunged into darkness.

Castle calls Ryan and Esposito, and they break down the door, Richard in tow. The lights go on, revealing Castle’s surprise party! Beckett set up the whole pseudo-crime to alleviate his boredom; the boyfriend, victim, and her lover were all actors, and even Captain Gates and Alexis were in on it. Just when Beckett thinks Castle is mad, he grins and declares it the best birthday present ever!