Castle Recap: “The Squab And The Quail”

By April 24, 2013

Is the world’s most interesting, most handsome man too good to be true?

When a man is poisoned at a restaurant, Castle and Beckett quickly discover that he was not the intended target. Rather, his dining companion and business partner, Eric Vaughn (Ioan Gruffudd, of Fantastic Four fame), was supposed to receive the deadly meal.

Vaughn takes a liking to Kate, and requests her as his personal security guard until the case is solved. Green with jealousy, Castle is more eager than ever to solve the case. At every turn, suspects are dismissed. Cindy, a woman obsessed with Vaughn, had access to the neurotoxin used in the murder, but her alibi holds up. The waiter identified as the killer turns up dead–but he received the neurotoxin from another man, still at large. They identify him as Thomas Barber, a hit man for hire.

In his presidential suite, Vaughn tries to kiss Kate. She pushes him away…just in time to stop him from taking a sniper bullet through the head. When Castle shows up and realizes how close the pair were standing, his jealousy spikes again. Esposito interrupts to tell them that Barber was staying in a room across the street, and his phone records link him to Cindy.

They bring Cindy back to the station, and she confesses to giving Barber the poison…but only because she needed the money. She didn’t realize it would be used for murder; rather, she believed Barber when he said he worked for a rival lab. She was paid via wire transfer…tracked back to Mexisolar, an energy company owned by Vaughn. They quickly learn that the company is a farce, and that the man who died in Vaughn’s place was an investor who planned to tour it.

Is Vaughn behind it all? Not so fast. He doesn’t oversee the day-to-day operations of his many investment. That honor goes to David Anderson, Vaughn’s attorney…the real killer.

With Vaughn safely out of the picture, Castle decides it’s time to prove to Kate that he’s not taking her for granted. He cuts his video game chords–a symbolic gesture–and prepares a romantic massage for her in the bedroom.