Catch Up on ‘Mad Men’ in Less Than 2 Minutes, Plus See New Teaser and Poster for The Final Season

By March 7, 2014

With “True Detective” winding down, lovers of prestige television are going to be looking elsewhere to scratch that particular itch in their viewing schedules. Thankfully, AMC’s “Mad Men” is coming back in just a couple of months. The first half of the final season begins on April 13th, and now the network has released a new poster celebrating the impending adventures of Don Draper in Season 7:

Mad Men Final Season Poster
Reminds me of Roger Sterling’s famous LSD trip. As the show moves through the 60s and barrels down on the psychedelic 1970s, it makes sense that Don would be looking ahead toward this new era in American history. It’s especially cool that the image comes from one of creator Matt Weiner’s favorite artists, Milton Glaser, an innovator in the 1960s advertising scene who came up with the “I Heart New York” logo (among other things).

If you don’t have enough time to catch up on the series but desperately want to watch the new season, you can watch this two minute video that introduces you to all of the characters and sort of blazes through six seasons of history in lightening fast fashion:

In addition, you can take a look at a typically cryptic teaser for the first half of the next season, which sees Don disembarking from a TWA flight. Where’s he going? We’ll find out in April.

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  • Ernest B Ingalls

    This show rocks!!!! I was hoping they might try for one more but sometimes better to go out on top. The poster art work was way cool. Good time sensitive.

  • William B Valencia

    Aww Yeah! this has been one of the coolest shows to come down the pike in some time. I hope they do the final season justice.

  • Carter J Hock

    I so enjoyed this series.. Clever to the hilt. Edgy and well produced. Sad to see it go.