CBS Plans ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin-Off ‘How I Met Your Father’

By October 31, 2013

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Though fans are moving through the last season of the CBS comedy series “How I Met Your Mother,” that doesn’t mean the network is done with the brand the show has created.

In an upsetting but unsurprising move, Deadline reports CBS is in talks with 20th Century Fox TV and series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for a spin-off series called “How I Met Your Father.” It’s probably the least creative thing they could have come up with in the wake of the series finale coming around the corner.

Rather than focusing on any of the cast members on their own outside of the established group of friends, the spin-off would follow an entirely different group of friends in New York as a female member of the new group regales her children with the story of how she met her husband. If a deal comes through, the new characters might be introduced in the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” so fans are shoehorned into knowing this atrocity is happening. There’s even some suggestion that they may use MacLaren’s Pub as a link between the two series.

How I Met Your Mother - MacLarens

The only saving grace of this series is that “Up All Night” creator and “Saturday Night Live” writer Emily Spivey is also involved in the new series, serving as writer and executive producer alongside Bays and Thomas. While the former series was canceled, that was because NBC started meddling with the format and couldn’t figure out how to get a better audience. The show itself was well-written and Spivey has a knack for great comedy, the kind that could make this spin-off just as good as the previous seasons of “How I Met Your Mother.”

The biggest reason this spin-off series is so disheartening is because CBS is so desperate to hold onto the brand of one of their most popular shows. In fact, out of all the multi-camera comedies, “How I Met Your Mother” was the best written for the longest time, so much that it made the laugh track and old school sitcom nature (something I recently proclaimed much disdain for) of the show tolerable. But in the more recent seasons, it has devolved into just another piece of CBS nonsense, and this season has been hollow and heartless with the exception of the season premiere. Can this potential spin-off fare better? Unfortunately, I think we’ll find out.

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