Celebrating One Hundred Episodes of Out of the Blue!

By June 8, 2016

For the past three years, GeekNation has produced and distributed Out of the Blue, one of our longest-running shows. Hosted by David Blue, the show has been a constant source of quality conversations with people involved in the entertainment industry, including notable conversations with guests like Doug Jones, Seth Green, Kyle Newman, Gina Rodriguez, Stephanie Beatriz, David Anders, Samm Levine, Bryan Cogman, Terry Matalas, and more.

Last week as well, David released the 100th episode of the show, and we thought now might be the perfect time to talk to David, and look back on how far the show has come since it initially started, what he’s personally learned from his conversations over the years, and what he hopes for the future of Out of the Blue!

For starters, what does he think about even reaching 100 episodes?

“It’s crazy. I had no idea we’d do this many. The response from everyone has been great and I have a lot of fun doing them. I also wasn’t expecting how much I’D learn from the guests.”

As for what he’s learned from the podcast, and what he hopes the listeners have as well:

“That the most successful people have done their best to hold onto what makes them GOOD people. And a sense of humor always helps.”

And what about the future of Out of the Blue?

“I’m honestly not sure. It feels like we’ve covered so much ground. But there are still so many people worth talking to and so many great stories to hear. I’d like to believe people finish each episode having learned something. So if we can help, change minds, make people laugh or think … then my job here is done.”

If you haven’t already, make sure to go and check out the previous episodes of the show on GeekNation. Now’s the perfect time to get caught up, because you won’t want to miss what happens from here on out!

You can find and listen to every episode of Out of the Blue right here.

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