Check Out Gotham’s New Mr. Freeze In These Set Pics & Promo

By February 5, 2016

The Batman-less batman show Gotham continues to unravel the villainous goods.

The latest bat-villain to be paraded about shall be Mr. Freeze. Now, depending on who you are; when you hear Mr. Freeze you either start laughing or crying thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger dropping bad puns in Batman & Robin or perhaps happy childhood (or yesterday) thoughts of the Mr. Freeze from the much better Batman: The Animated Series. 

Here’s hoping our newest Freeze is at least as entertaining as either one of those dudes. Check out a quick look at his steam punk vibe in the newest promo for Gotham below:

Sort of a quick couple of shots there that look sleek, shiny and action packed. The set photos via Just Jared however, envoke a different feeling entirely:

nathan-darrow-as-mr-freeze-on-gotham-first-look-photos-01 nathan-darrow-as-mr-freeze-on-gotham-first-look-photos-03 nathan-darrow-as-mr-freeze-on-gotham-first-look-photos-10

Remember, these are just set photos and the whole getup will look much more magical and lively on the actual show. Remember how bad those Ivan Ooze photos of Oscar Issac in Apocalypse looked before the actual trailer came out?

Victor Freeze will be played by House of Cards actor Nathan Darrow when the show debuts all new episodes, February 29th on Fox. I leave it to you, GeekNation. What do you think? Stay COOL. (I am geniunely ashamed of myself)


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