Check Out These Behind-the-Scenes Videos From ‘Breaking Bad’, Plus A Great ‘Need For Speed’ Mash-Up

By September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad Remember My Name

Spoilers for the series finale of “Breaking Bad” ahead.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a LOT of “Breaking Bad” content on the internet today. The series finale aired last night, and many viewers are still processing their reactions and trying to figure out whether Walt’s final stand at the Nazi compound was “awesome” or maybe just a little too predictable. (I happen to think it’s somewhere in between; you can hear my full thoughts on last night’s episode in today’s special edition of GeekNation’s Five by Five podcast.)

Since fans are likely already going into withdrawals knowing they won’t ever get to see new episodes of one of the best dramas to ever hit television screens, here’s a little video roundup to ease the pain. There’s a great clip (from one of the upcoming bonus features which will appear in the series Blu-ray and DVD collection) that shows Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston preparing to read the finale script together for the first time, some cool behind-the-scenes videos from the last episode with interviews with writer/director/series creator Vince Gilligan and the cast, and even a terrific fan-created mash-up of the events of last night’s episode cut together with footage from the Need For Speed trailer to show how the show could lead straight into that film.

What did you think about the series finale? Did it meet your expectations? Are there any loose ends that you can think of that Gilligan and his team didn’t tie up? Were you happy Jesse escaped? What did you think of Walter White’s demise? Sound off in the comments below.

(h/t Collider and Vulture)

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