Check Out This Timelapse Video of A ‘Saturday Night Live’ Taping

By April 9, 2014

We talk quite a bit about “Saturday Night Live” here at GeekNation, and I’ve always wondered what it’s like to watch the live comedy sketch show in person at Studio 8H at 30 Rock in New York City. Well, the show has just posted a behind-the-scenes video to its YouTube page (via Vulture) that allows everyone to see exactly what it’s like to be there and watch the action unfold. Well, almost – this is a time-lapse version in which everything is sped up to a pretty crazy degree, but it’s still mesmerizing to watch and pretty wild to see how quickly the sets are constructed, broken down, and moved to utilize the entire studio space they have. Watch it below:

If you couldn’t tell, this video showcases this past weekend’s episode, which was hosted by Oscar-nominee Anna Kendrick. Watching that episode went a long way in my enjoyment of this video, because even though the performers are pretty small, if you know the episode, you can tell which sketches are being performed (The Little Mermaid sketch is off to the left side of the frame, for example). Seeing the final, polished show and then being able to see how it actually came together is extremely cool, and for someone who lives in Los Angeles and can’t exactly afford to drop everything and visit NYC any time soon, it’s fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest comedy staples in TV history.

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