China’s LED-Infused City of Ice Will Blow You Away

By January 6, 2014

When most people think of China, it’s usually the tight-fisted government regime, the Great Wall and beautiful landscapes…


…now they’ll think of ice and snow.


You heard me.


This year’s Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China delights and astounds with sculptures, games, and a massive “micro-city” built from the ground up using only ice and LED lights.


This 500, 000 square meter (or 5,382 sq feet, if you will) park includes AMAZING ice replicas like New York’s iconic Empire State Building and the Colosseum as well a giant ice slide measuring 747 feet in length, skating rinks, ice mazes, an “Ice Lantern Show” in Zhaolin Park as well as tons of creatures (real and magical) carved from ice.


According to The Creators Project, Harbin’s Ice and Snow Fest is a mystical, magical place to be as ice sailing, trade talks, and wedding ceremonies on ice have happened here since the festival’s return in 1985 after a 22-year-long absence. (HISF was founded in 1963 but China’s 10-year-long Cultural Revolution put things on ice – pardon the pun.) If these images are any indication, I need to go to China!


And then there’s…




Simply breathtaking…


After spending over 30 years living in snowy climes (INCLUDING Alaska), I’m pretty much done with the white stuff, but I just may need to start saving my money in order to take a holiday in China to visit this massive bit of beauty for myself!

For more on Harbin’s International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival and to see AMAZING installations from past festivals, click HERE!

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