Christina Hendricks Switches Roles in ‘Dark Places’

By September 4, 2013

Christina Hendricks

Much to the disappointment of drooling men everywhere, “Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks will no longer be playing a stripper in the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places.

The best-selling novel tells the story of Libby Day (Charlize Theron), whose mother and sister were murdered years before when she was a little girl. Back then, she testified in court and pegged her brother Ben as the killer, but now, 25 years later, she’s visited by a secret society called the Kill Club that claims her brother was innocent. Libby must revisit her childhood trauma, and again she comes face to face with a killer as her assumptions are thrown into upheaval.

Christina Hendricks 2

Hendricks was once set to play the supporting role of a stripper named Crissi Kates, but Deadline reports that when Samantha Morton bailed on the larger role of Libby’s mother, the producers offered it to Hendricks and she accepted. The cast is full of talented actors, including Chloe Grace Moretz and “House of Cards” star Corey Stoll, but I’ve heard from folks who have actually read the book that the casting of Theron in the lead seems all wrong. Luckily there hasn’t been a popular wave of petitions going around to get the casting changed – how idiotic is that trend, by the way? – so we’ll hope for the best with this one anyway. It’s not like Theron is the worst choice out there – she has won an Oscar, after all – and with there being a high level of interest in this project thanks to the popularity of Flynn’s novel, we’re sure a lot of people are going to be highly anticipating this one when it comes to theaters.

Gilles Paquet-Brenner, who directed a film called Sarah’s Key in 2010 that sounds like it shares some thematic similarities with Dark Places, will direct this film, and no matter what role she ends up taking, we’re excited to see Hendricks continue to display her talent on the big screen. “Mad Men” won’t last forever, so the more she can build her movie career, the better chance we have of seeing her work for years to come.

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