Update: Nolan Says He Was Misquoted About Dissing Post-Credits Sequences

By November 5, 2014
[Update: I thought this sounded like a comment that was too petty for Christopher Nolan to make, but because it was in quotations from a reputable outlet, I believed it. Now Nolan tells ScreenCrush that, “I would never say someone’s else’s film isn’t ‘a real film’. The quote is inaccurate.” The Guardian has added a footnote to their original story that says, “Subsequent to publication, Nolan disputed the quote attributed to him by Snyder. According to Nolan, he had told Snyder, ‘We shouldn’t be chasing other movies, but stay true to the tone of Man of Steel.'” It wasn’t clear in The Guardian’s original piece that the quote was attributed to him by someone else, and clearly Nolan saw the dust-up that came of this yesterday and decided it was time to step in and correct this before it spread further. His corrected quote sounds much more in line with his regular public persona. Our original piece remains in tact below.]

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar arrives in some theaters as early as tomorrow (those that will show it projected on film), and for the rest of the country it’ll open wide this Friday. We’ll have our review posted here at GeekNation soon, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at a recent comment made by the director in one of many profiles that have been published in the weeks leading up to the new movie’s release.

The Guardian’s profile of Nolan (h/t Screencrush) contains a bunch of great stuff, including comments from Quentin Tarantino on Nolan’s propensity for shooting on film, but I’m guessing that one comment will stick out more than the rest, and will likely get the geek community riled up today. The piece reveals that Warner Bros. asked director Zack Snyder to add a Marvel-style post-credits comedy coda to the end of Man of Steel, but Nolan – who produced that film – stated, “A real movie wouldn’t do that.”

Look, I love Christopher Nolan’s movies. I avoided every trailer and TV spot for Inception and The Dark Knight Rises because he’s one of my favorite filmmakers and he often achieves such cool visuals that I don’t want to see them out of context in a trailer; I’d much rather experience them in full IMAX glory sitting in a theater for the first time. I’ve done the same thing with Interstellar for the same reasons: I haven’t seen a single trailer because I trust him to provide me with visuals that blow me away, and regardless of the overall quality of the film (in retrospect, The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t very good, guys), he delivers on that front.

But I think he’s straight up wrong with his comment about “real movies.” Just because a film has a post-credits scene doesn’t make it any less real. Plenty of great movies have had post-credits scenes, including classics like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Muppet Movie, and those seem pretty “real” to me. (Not to mention the amazing post-credits bits at the end of Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6.) But it seems that this diss is aimed more directly at the Marvel slate of films. I understand where he’s coming from, to a degree: Thor: The Dark World’s post-credits scene showing Jane and Thor reuniting was extremely important to the plot of the film itself, and because of its importance to the movie, it’s by far the worst one in Marvel Studios history. But most of them are just fun little gags that, if you were to walk out of the theater immediately when the credits started rolling, you wouldn’t actually miss that much. Some are more important than others, but even the famed Thanos cameo at the end of The Avengers is elaborated on in Guardians of the Galaxy, so it was nothing more than a little nod and wink to fans as to what was coming.

If Nolan is averse to putting post-credits scenes in his own movies, that’s obviously his choice – and it’s a completely valid one. But to bash other movies for doing so seems petty and unnecessary, and frankly, I expect more from a man that has acted like a consummate professional throughout his entire career. And yes, if you want to break it down like this, I’d much rather watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy over The Dark Knight Rises, so the very fact of containing a post-credits scene is not an indicator of quality.

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