Colin Firth to Suit Up for Matthew Vaughn’s ‘The Secret Service’

By April 29, 2013

Firth. Colin Firth. After winning the Academy Award for Best Actor for his stuttering performance in The King’s Speech, it looks like the English actor is heading into the action realm for the first time. Latino-Review is reporting that Firth has been cast in the lead role in The Secret Service, the new thriller from Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn.

The film is an adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ comic series, which follows the world’s greatest secret agent as he trains his street-punk nephew to follow in his footsteps. Kidnapped celebrities, the murder of an entire town, and a mysterious secret from inside Mount Everest all converge as well, and all of this sounds like exactly the kind of craziness we expect from the mind of Mark Millar.

Firth is the latest in a line of “serious actors” to transition to action roles following the surprising box office success of Liam Neeson’s Taken. Taken 2 has already hit theaters with a planned third movie in the works, and Field of Dreams star Kevin Costner – who’s experiencing a late-career resurgence with roles in “Hatfields & McCoys,” Man of Steel, and Jack Ryan – has another thriller coming up for director Luc Besson, so the notion of taking an acclaimed older actor and giving him his own action franchise is becoming a full-fledged trend at this point. (Not to mention the Red movies, the second of which hits this summer, or The Expendables.)

After the success of X-Men: First Class, fans assumed that Vaughn would return for the next sequel in that franchise, but he ended up stepping down at the last minute and paving the way for X-Men and X2 director Bryan Singer to take the helm on that project. In the meantime, Vaughn was briefly rumored to direct Star Wars Episode VII, but when that gig eventually went to J.J. Abrams, Vaughn’s dance card was wide open again. He’s been talking about working on The Secret Service for a long time now, so hopefully the resulting film adaptation turns out as solid and subversive as the first Kick-Ass movie.

This one already has a release date set for November 14th, 2014, so expect more casting news from The Secret Service sometime soon. In the meantime, what do you think about Firth taking on an action film like this? Is the “old guy getting his own action franchise” becoming played out already, or are you down to see the Love Actually star kicking ass and taking names? Sound off below.

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