Colin Trevorrow Talks ‘Star Wars Episode IX’ and the George Lucas Petition

By January 12, 2016

Okay, sure – we haven’t even started our ‘speculation engines’ on Rian Johnson’s sequel to The Force Awakens, Episode VIII. Doesn’t mean we’re not interested in Episode IX, right? Especially since Jurassic World director, Colin Trevorrow, was announced to be helming the second sequel that is years off from debuting in theatres or even filming. It’s Star Wars, talking the saga is what people are doing nowadays – especially since The Force Awakens has enough money now to buy the Hawaiian Islands. The brand is back and the talking about the continuing saga is open for business.

So when Entertainment Tonight saw Trevorrow on the red carpet at this past Sunday’s Golden Globes, no time better than to talk about his sequel AND the petition wanting George Lucas back behind the camera for Episode IX. You know, the movie Trevorrow was hired to direct? Awkward.

Here is the video interview courtesy of Entertainment Tonight.

Say what you will about Jurassic World (I thought it was a perfect blockbuster experience and one of the best times I had in the theatre in years) and Trevorrow is nothing more than a nice guy with great ideas. He knows how to make good movies with a studio. I was not in the least surprised when he was appointed by Lucasfilm and Disney to direct (he was in the conversation for The Force Awakens BEFORE Jurassic World). 

Here are the bullet points for what he said, thanks to some transcript work from /Film.

In discussing what it is like to be charged with directing the last chapter of the sequel saga, the main question on everyone’s mind (for now) is how he is approaching the story when a different writer/director has yet to even start filming:

A story must evolve or perish and Rian and I working closely together to make sure that our stories build off of each other and continue to evolve and take us to new places. That’s what the fans expect and what they want.

This is the obvious response. OF COURSE he is working closely with Rian Johnson. And since it’s Star Wars and I LOVE my Star Wars, it’s refreshing to know Trevorrow has all this time to work on Episode IX. By my calculations, this gives him time to work story and to build on what Rian Johnson is doing. By all accounts, Trevorrow is right there alongside Johnson showing just how collaborative the relationship is. Means we get the best end to the saga since, arguably, Return of the Jedi. Or at least a fighting chance. And since Rian Johnson is also writing Episode IX, means both men are tag teaming the movie and for me, that’s the best case scenario.

Now, what happens when you’re the director of a beloved, last chapter of the most successful franchise in the world and fans create a petition, essentially, saying they don’t want you? Yeah, that’s what is happening – though I find it somewhat awesome that fans still care enough about George Lucas, even after all the damn prequel talk, I also find it a bit of a slap in the face for Trevorrow. I don’t really think a lot of people know he’s directing Episode IX. Not the “general” audience, at least. The die hards (like me), sure, we know. But when the petition in question amounts to over 21,000 supporters as of this posting – no matter how you look at it – it can’t feel good.

So what does Trevorrow do/think? He honors the maker with nothing but praise. Because, as I said before, I think this Trevorrow is a stand up guy.

Here’s what he said about the petition:

It was funny. I saw that. I think it was yesterday. It was on a day where I was at Lucasfilm giving this big speech to everyone about how we want to channel the invention and the raw creativity and the boldness that George brought to these films. That’s something that I’m so focused on and not being afraid that we’re going to embarrass ourselves by doing something that might be crazy. Because when George Lucas made Star Wars, people thought it was crazy. But it’s the greatest story ever told.

Rian Johnson’s Looper is one of the best sci-fi films of all time (my opinion) so I am giddy as a school boy in anticipation for his episode. It will (probably) be dark and complex; like Looper. To think about Johnson’s sensibilities in a Star Wars movie… Well, it’s all sorts of awesome. Like Disney and Lucasfilm are following the line of thinking that brought us The Empire Strikes Back. Then, add in Trevorrow commenting on the best parts of Lucas and what he brought to the movies, and how much he wants to emulate what came before – how can you not be completely and totally behind Trevorrow? The guy is a fan, a filmmaker and a helluva a nice guy. We need that for Star Wars. Hell, we need that with EVERY blockbuster out there.

This is just a nice little update for Episode IX. I’ve mentioned how excited I am for Johnson’s Episode VIII; I’m also VERY excited for Trevorrow’s Episode IX. I feel like he is the perfect choice to finish the new sequel trilogy on a high note.

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode VIII comes to theatres May 26th 2017 and Colin Trevorrow’s Star Wars Episode IX releases on May 24th 2019.

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  • David Johnson

    Not a Jurassic World Fan but I’ll take Him over Lucas everyday. I don’t believe the Prequels are as bad as most say but they were sort of Phones In!!!