Comic-Con: Bryan Fuller & Crew Tease ‘Hannibal’ Season 3

By July 25, 2014

Yesterday, the rabid crowd at Comic-Con was treated to a delicious panel for NBC’s “Hannibal.” During the panel, showrunner Bryan Fuller was joined by series director David Slade, producer Martha DeLaurentis, and stars Scott Thompson (medical examiner Jimmy Price), Caroline Dhavernas (Dr. Alana Bloom), and Aaron Abrams (medical examiner Brian Zeller). As the panel got under way, they brought out a surprise guest – Raoul Esparza, aka Dr. Chilton! His appearance meant only one thing: Dr. Frederick Chilton survived the bullet he took to the face and will be returning for Season 3. 

As the panel continued, the crowd was informed that not only Chilton would be returning but both Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl) and Abel Gideon (Eddie Izzard) will be appearing, albeit in flashback scenes. There are new characters we will be introduced from the Thomas Harris story canon as well, including Red Dragon’s Francis Dolarhyde, Cordell from the book “Hannibal,” Chief Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi, and Lecter’s “aunt” Lady Murasaki.


While remaining somewhat tight-lipped about what to expect, the story in season 3 will start a year after season 2 ended as Hannibal and Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) are on the run. Season 3’s episodes will feature more culinary titles but this time, they’ll be in Italian which takes heavy inspiration from Thomas Harris’ book “Hannibal.” The first half of the upcoming season will focus on the hunt for Lecter, leaving the procedural elements featured in previous elements to be far less frequent.

During the roundtables after the panel, the group spoke more candidly with us regarding the upcoming season of NBC’s genre program. Raoul Esparza confirmed Dr. Chilton is indeed alive but he is unable to comment on the state his character is in. Although, he did request to come back as “Cronenbergian as possible, like Ed Harris in A History Of Violence.” He states Dr. Chilton is probably returning to the show next season in episode 4. In speaking with David Slade, we also found out Lady Murasaki will be introduced in this episode and Mr. Slade is set to direct. (Slade directed the pilot and set the visual tone for the whole series.)


When speaking with Caroline Dhavernas, she advised us she is indeed coming back but she is unsure as to what state Dr. Alana Bloom is in since she did fall out of a window. She went on to speculate that Dr. Bloom will be changed by what happened to her, hardened and more protective of herself. Since series star Mads Mikkelsen was not in attendance, she spoke a bit about her experience working with him by stating, “He’s wonderful, he’s very passionate about his work. I’ve never seen him complain, about being there and being cold. God knows, they put him through the wringer.”

Bryan Fuller expressed his excitement and approval at the large number of young women in the “Hannibal” fanbase. Known as “Fannibals,” he said “anybody who’s embracing the horror genre in an unexpected way should be celebrated. It’s an underrated genre and doesn’t get enough respect.”

Hannibal - Season 2

When asked about the storyline in Italy, he mentioned Mason Verger’s intent on revenge and expressed huge interest in having Michael Pitt back to reprise the role if Pitt’s schedule permits. Once Hannibal is indeed incarcerated, Fuller stated they would maintain the culinary aesthetic through the use of Lecter’s Mind Palace, as well as with flashbacks and showing how his culinary expertise has affected the other characters in the series.

See the full panel in the video below:

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to Hannibal Lecter’s return to television next year. As a nice gift to tide us all over, they released a 3 minute blooper reel during the panel. Check it out below, courtesy of EW:

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