Comic-Con International to Stay in San Diego Through 2018

By July 2, 2015

For years, attendees at the massive Comic-Con International in San Diego have said one, consistent thing: it’s getting more crowded. As the event continues to grow, some have been calling for it to be relocated to another city, perhaps at an even larger convention center than the already massive building on Harbor Drive in San Diego. It looks like, though, that Comic-Con is staying in “America’s Finest City” for at least a few more years.

According to an exclusive report from Variety, the non-profit Comic-Con International organization has organized a deal to remain in San Diego through at least the 2018 event. This could prove to be interesting, considering that regular attendance over the past couple of years has ballooned to an astonishing 130,000 people, but the organizers of the event have made no bones about the fact that they love the city, and wish to remain there. In 2008, Comic-Con’s director of marketing and public relations commented on the possibility of moving to another city, saying,

We’ve been approached by other cities, [but] I don’t think anybody wants to leave San Diego. I certainly don’t. It’s a perfect fit for us. It’s expensive, whether it be paying for the street signs that tell you what streets are closed, or for any police or the hall or any of the myriad things, it’s expensive. But it’s a great city. There’s been some talk of expansion of the center, which we would certainly welcome. Hopefully if everything lines up, we will be here for many more years.

Perhaps next year’s event will alleviate some of the crowding stress, since October 2013 saw the approval by the California Coastal Commission of a $520 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center, which has a targeted completion date of early 2016. This expansion aims to increase the complex’s exhibit space by 35%, which comes out to 225,000 additional square feet. The plan also adds a new, larger ballroom which will be 80,000 square feet, approximately 20% larger than the already massive Hall H, where most large presentations by major studios take place. The plan also calls for an additional 500 rooms to be added to the nearby Hilton Bayfront Hotel, a hot commodity for attendees given its proximity to the convention center.

Comic-Con International 2015 begins next week. For more developments on the future of the massive pop culture event, keep it here at GeekNation.

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Chris Clow
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