Coming Attraction: July 2012 Preview!

By July 3, 2012

It looks like because of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises, no other big blockbuster film wants to compete with them, leaving July filled with a ton of documentaries and a few comedies.

Super Pumped to See:

July 20: The Dark Knight Rises

Kind of Pumped to See:

July 3: The Amazing Spider-Man

July 27: The Watch

Neither Pumped Nor Pissed:

July 6: Savages

July 6: China Heavyweight [limited]

July 6: The Do-Deca-Pentathlon [limited]

July 6: Crazy Eyes [limited]

July 13: Ice Age: Continental Drift

July 13: Easy Money [limited]

July 13: Red Lights [limited]

July 18: Shut Up and Play the Hits

July 27: Step Up Revolution

July 27: Killer Joe [limited]

July 27: Klown [limited]

No Thank You:

July 5: Katy Perry: Part of Me

July 13: The Imposter [limited]

July 13: Trishna [LA/NYC]

July 13: Union Square [limited]

July 20: The Queen of Versailles

July 20: The Well Digger’s Daughter [limited]

July 25: Ruby Sparks [limited]

July 27: Searching for Sugar Man [limited]

July 27: Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry [limited]

This is the Action Flick Chick, and you’ve just been kicked in the ass!

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