Comix Chix Blog: Ep 11: Geeking Out with the Clever and Crafty Bonnie Burton

By December 12, 2012

Hidee-ho, readers/listeners! Before I launch into my blog post, I wanted to remind you all that this Friday, December 14 is the 3rd Annual Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars day/toy drive and I hope you’ll all join me in donning your very best Star Wars gear and donating a geeky toy to a charitable organization to promote the message that “Star Wars is for EVERYONE” and that bullying isn’t ever okay.

How fitting that this week I’m joined on the podcast by the craftacular Ms. Bonnie Burton. The author of the Star Wars Craft Book (and an anti-bullying book), my idea was to have Bonnie share some comic book related crafts. The holidays are fast approaching, n’ stuff. And, I think that getting handmade stuff as a gift is pretty rockin’ awesome.

And, we do get to crafting (visit Bonnie’s Whimsey Box profile for detailed instructions on how to make the action figure holiday wreath, the Droidel and the geeky snow globes we talk about in the podcast) — we just talk about a load of other awesome stuff along the way… Like Grant Imahara’s inseam, what it’s like to be married to a ‘droid, drinking and vlogcasting with Felicia Day and the reaction Bonnie got when she #vandaleyes-ed Wil Wheaton’s condiments.

If you’re not already, make sure follow Bonnie on Twitter @BonnieGrrl. You can also watch all of Season One of Geek DIY (featured on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes channel) and Vaginal Fantasy Book Club (featured on Geek and Sundry) on YouTube. You can find all of Bonnie’s varied book titles on Amazon.

Comix Chix Comic Picks – December 12, 2012:

  • Ex Sanguine #3 by Tim Seeley and Josh Emmons (Dark Horse) — Described as a “love story between a vampire and serial killer,” this book from two of the fellas over at Chicago’s 4-Star Studios is new to my pull list this week. After chatting with writer, Josh Emmons, this weekend I’m going to check it out. And I think you should, too.
  • Batgirl #15 by Gail Simone and Ed Benes (DC) — Last week the comics world was floored when Bleeding Cool broke the news that writer Gail Simone was to be replaced on the Batgirl title. Everyone I know is still shaking their heads and wondering why – when Simone’s run on with Barbara Gordon as Batgirl has been one of the few successful and consistently excellent titles of the so-called “New 52.” Whatever the reason, make sure to snap up the remaining Simone issues of the arc while you can, due to the controversy they may be difficult to find later. And, on a personal note – this is EXACTLY why I and many of my friends do not buy DC comics. The completely capricious and ill-reasoned decisions to replace writers, artists (and to kill whole titles, such as with Manhunter) regardless of critical success or fan response make it damn near impossible to read and enjoy any of their books. DiDio and crew need to pull their heads out of their bums and get their proverbial poop together. /angry rant
  • The Adventures of Dr. Mcninja Vol. 2 “Timefist” TPB by Christopher Hastings (Dayfree Press) — If you love Axe Cop (Incidentally, who checked out the motion comics last week? So cool, right?) you’ll love Dr. Mcninja — after all they cross over and team up, occasionally!
We’ll be back next week with guest Jenny Frison to talk about holiday traditions, wearing your bathrobe to work and what’s new and exciting at 4-Star Studios in Chicago – until then, stay geeky!
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