Comix Chix Blog: Ep. 7: A Three Way (Conversation) with Marc Andreyko and Joan Hilty

By November 14, 2012


Happy Wednesday, faithful listeners/readers! Welcome back to the Comix Chix blog. This week we’re talking with returning guest, Joan Hilty and the very first ever male guest on the podcast, comics writer Marc Andreyko. And, we’re talking about DC’s Manhunter – a book which Joan and Marc are two of the main components to the creative team for.

In general, I do not read superhero comics. They just don’t resonate with me, story wise and I have zero patience for trying to keep up with continuity. (As you’ll hear Marc point out in the podcast, having to use a slide rule and flip charts to keep track of the continuity and cannon associated with most cape books kind of sucks the joy out of reading a comic.) However, I do have a favorite superhero – Kate Spencer, aka Manhunter. To me, Kate is the closest comics has come to presenting a real woman – one who reflects issues and ideas which impact and resonate with me – as a superhero. I love that Kate smokes, drinks, has sex, swears and has internal conflicts that she struggles with visibly in the panels of each Manhunter issue. A tough broad who isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done.

This was a really fun episode to record –I respect the hell out of both Joan and Marc, and they are among my favorite people in the industry. It was great to hear them talk about how Manhunter came to be and the experience working on the series.

Joan is always amazing to talk to and each time I do (whether in private or for some work related thing) I walk away from the conversation feeling smarter and more empowered in my chosen field of work than when I started. I have to say that in the two years or so I’ve known her, she has given me lots of chewy, complex ideas to roll around in my brain.

Fun fact: Marc Andreyko and I went to college together. He was a junior when I was a 17 yo freshman at Theatre Kent/Kent State University in Ohio. I was frizzy haired, just out of braces, totally lacking in any self-confidence – I followed Marc and his friends* around like a lovesick (socially awkward and a wee bit creepy) puppy dog… because, they were soooo coooool! And, in fact, I used to ride my 10-speed bike back in forth in front of Watch the Skies (the comic shop in downtown Kent that Marc and several Theatre Kent dudes worked at) hoping that one of the cool guys would pay attention to me.

One day, Marc stuck his head out of the shop and said “Katie! For god’s sake, you’re driving me crazy riding back and forth in front of the shop, fucking come in and buy a goddamn comic!”

So I did. And, I’ve been hooked ever since. Basically, Marc Andreyko is completely to blame for my comic addiction and subsequent foray into comics journalism. (I need to remember to thank him for that sometime.)

Please make sure to follow Ms. Joan Hilty on the Tweeters @JoanHilty and via her website. You can keep up with what Marc is up to on Facebook.

*Shout out to Chris Seiler, Michael Anderson, Joe Wack, Gene Van Dyke, Tim Redmond, Jeff Syroney, Tony Zanoni and all the other dudes from Theatre Kent in the 90s.

Comix Chix Comic Picks Nov. 14:

  • Locke & Key Omega #1 (IDW Publishing) – This is a big release, comics fans! Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have been terrifying and delighting us with the story of Tyler, Kinsey and Bode Locke since 2007. The story thus far built to a white knuckle climax at the end of the most recent story arc, Clockworks. There are only seven issues left in the series, Omega #1 being the first. I highly recommend picking up three copies of this book – the a/b covers and the variant.
  • Saga #7 (Image Comics) – I’ve talked a bunch about Saga in past blog posts, so I’ll spare you the gushing praise I have for this series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, save to tell you that the first single issue after the publication of the first story arc in trade paperback is out on spinner racks today!
  • A Wrinkle in Time TPB (Macmillan) – This graphic adaptation of Madeline L’Engle’s Newbery Award classic by Hope Larson has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2012. In early October the hardcover of the book came out to glorious (deserved) reviews. Today the trade paperback hits comics retailers. If you loved WIT as a child, you’ll love the graphic novel. Hope put so much time and care into adapting the book into graphic form and it truly shows. It is an amazing achievement for one of my favorite illustrators and I highly recommend buying it.

That’s it for this week, folks – join us next week for our pre-Turkey Day show, when we’re joined by WIRED GeekMom’s Corrina Lawson to talk all ages comics and how to raise a geeky kid.

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