Comix Chix Blog: Episode #3: A Devastatingly Clever Conversation with Amanda Meadows of The Devastator

By October 17, 2012


Happy Wednesday, comic fans and welcome back to the blog about this week’s Comix Chix podcast.

This week we’re chatting with the amazing Ms. Amanda Meadows, the managing editor of the multimedia satire magazine, The Devastator. Issue #6 of the mag, titled “Indie,” hits your local comic shop today. (It hit normal bookstores yesterday. For a list of where you can purchase a copy, check out their website).

In #6 The Devastator crew takes on hipster culture, parodying everything from DIY and crafting -to- the need to be the first to know about pop-culture tropes -to- Chuck Klosterman -to- self-publishing poetry chapbooks -to… Well, you’ll have to go buy a copy of the ‘zine to find out!

There are a couple of ah-mazing things about this publication I’d like to highlight:

First off, Amanda and partner, Geoffery Golden, founded this magazine via a super-successful Kickstarter campaign. (And, I will probably have them both on the podcast at a future date to give tips and tricks to would-be comic creators on funding their projects via Kickstarter.) This is another example of a high-quality print publication making good in a time when it has been predicted that all things literary are going to soon go digital. I think that there is something to be learned from the success of projects such as this – mostly, that real readers aren’t content to convert their bibliographic materials completely to digital format.

Second, look at the list of people who have contributed to The Devastator since it’s first publication in 2010: Comedy luminaries from The Onion, Funny or Die, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Adult Swim, The Daily Show and comics heavy hitters from the DCU and Marvel… the roster of people who contribute work to this publication is pretty impressive. And, it shows in the quality of the work. The ‘zine is a tactically and intellectually satisfying read that I highly recommend you pick up.

Some of my favorite highlights from this issue, aka – you must read these:

Robocop in: Poetic Justice by Tom Van Deusen

Invasion of the Klostermen by Calvin “Eando” Sloat (aka, Patrick Baker, Geoffery Golden, Amanda Meadows, Lesley Tsina and cover by Joshua Kemble)

American Appalling by Asterios Kokkinos, photo by Lynne Donahue

Lil’ Banksies Street Art 4 Kidz by Kenny Kell

Third, I love love LOVE that women are featured in prominent positions on the staff of this publication. This isn’t something we touched on in our interview, but it bears mention.

You can pick up a copy of The Devastator #6 “Indie” at most bookstores and comic shops starting today, October 17. As you’ll hear in the podcast, if you go to their website and subscribe and you’ll receive an extra special bonus gift along with four issues of the mag. Follow Amanda and Geoff on Twitter @GetDevastated and fan them on Facebook

Comix Chix Comic Picks – Wednesday, October 17th

Here’s what I’d pick up at the LCS if I were you (or you were me… that makes sense, sorta)!

  • Happy #1 by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson (Image Comics) – This has been out for a week or two, but I finally got a chance to read it and it’s ah-mazing! First of all, Morrison drops the f-bomb (a word I, myself, adore) about twelve-gagillion times in the first five pages of this book. Second, the twist at the end of the issue sets this up to be a new frontier full of whimsy for Morrison to explore. AND – the issue is barely off the press and it’s already been optioned as a film. Not that I believe in the speculator market much, but if any new series were to go the way of The Walking Dead and become monetarily valuable for a full run, I’d peg this as the one. Just sayin’ I’m buying boards and bags and comparing my con schedule to GM’s for signing purposes…
  • It Girl & the Atomics #3 by Jamie S. Rich, Mike Norton, Michael and Laura Allred and company (Image Comics) – If you haven’t been reading this fun twist on the Allred’s Madmen universe, you should be. It Girl is a spunky-geeky-adorbz super-heroine for little girls to look up to. Mike Norton’s vivid art really pops and builds something quirky and fun that the comics universe has been lacking. I initially picked up this book because I’m a fan of everything and anything that Norton draws, but I’ve been hooked into the story line big time and am now pulling this for realzie. You should, too!
  • Womanthology Space #2 by various contributors (IDW) – Womanthology: Heroic is another example of a successful Kickstarter campaign which I love. And, I cannot emphasize how exciting and amazingly cool it is that IDW has picked up the concept for a single issue mini-series. Issue #2 features work by Blair Butler, Joelle Sellner, Ellise Heiskell, Stacie Ponder, Alicia Fernandez, Jean Kang, Maarta Laiho and a cover by Renae DeLiz (the project founder, who is recovering -thankfully- from a pretty serious health scare this past summer).

Happy reading,  y’all! Back next week when we talk to Womanthology contributor, Jody Houser about her experience creating for the anthology.

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