Comix Chix Blog: Ep 8: Corrina Lawson of the WIRED Geek Mom Blog

By November 21, 2012


Happy Wednesday comic lovers! My guest this week is Corrina Lawson, senior editor of WIRED magazine‘s Geek Mom blog. I am very excited to have Corrina on the show, as she and I are both members of a “super-secret society of lady comic book journalists” and I always find her commentary on pop culture to be quite savvy. Corrina has been doing what she does for a long time and really is a great example of how to blend your avocation into your vocation and end up with a job doing amazing stuff you love. Young geek girls should attendez-vous, as she shares some salient advice on becoming a working writer with us towards the end of the podcast.

In addition to this and talking about our favorite all-ages comics, Corrina tells us about the new book that the editors of the Geek Mom blog have just released:

Geek Mom: Projects, Tips and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st-Century Families is out in stores now. It’s a great compendium for the geeky parent with geeky children who wants to plan activities which will engage and grow their geeky little minds. I highly recommend you check it out. For more information about the book and what Corrina is up to (besides kicking ass on Geek Mom), make sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter: @CorrinaLawson

Comix Chix Comic Picks for November 21:

  • Bleeding Cool Magazine #1 (Avatar Press) — Nepotism and shameless self-promotion keeps me in a job, people! After a long wait, the much anticipated first issue of the BC mag print edition is in retailers today! Please pick up a copy, check out my interview with Dark Horse CEO, Mike Richardson and let Jim Kuhoric (my editor) know how much you loved it and want to see more articles from me in future issues!!
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #698 (Marvel Comics) — Spidey is celebrating his 50th anniversary this week, gang! If for nothing else but the sense of history, please make sure to pick up a copy of this book.
  • Rachel Rising: Fear No Malus TPB (Abstract Studio) — The second collected volume of Terry Moore’s excellent murder mystery is out on shelves today. I have recently read the first volume, it is excellent – the story kicks ass and the line work of the art is simply amazing. It is well worth the read and I’m anxious to get down to my LCS today to pick up my copy of Vol. 2 which is on hold for me… read this series, you’ll be glad you did!

I hope everyone out there in listener/reader-land has a very happy Thanksgiving. Provided we wake up from our food comas, we’ll be back next week with a whole new podcast for you. Until then, stay geeky!

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