‘Community’ Producer Hints At Show’s Possible Cancellation on Twitter

By May 7, 2014

“Community” is one of my favorite comedies of all time. Series creator Dan Harmon’s genius and absurdity, combined with a great cast, the amazing use of pop culture references, and a perpetual underdog status, has made the show something of a cult classic even while it’s on the air – a rare phenomenon made even more rare by the unpredictable events that have befallen the show behind the scenes. After a public falling out with Chevy Chase (among other things), Harmon was fired from his own show, only to be brought back again one season later in an unprecedented move by NBC. The mantra of “Six Seasons and a Movie” started as a throwaway jokes made by Danny Pudi’s Abed Nadir character, but has taken on a life of its own and become very real for “Community” fans. But there might be some sad news brewing for the Greendale Human Beings.

Uproxx noticed that “Community” executive producer Chris McKenna had some…well, let’s call them “pessimistic” things to say about the show’s future to a fan on Twitter last night. Take a look below.

Yikes. Harmon and McKenna spoke a bit about a possible sixth season (and a movie) during PaleyFest this year, but they were a lot more hopeful back then and it seems that McKenna may have heard something from someone at the network that indicates the show is on its way out. Nothing has been made official at this point, but it’s probably best for “Community” fans to mentally prepare for the worst. Don’t mind me: I’ll just be in the fetal position in the corner, rocking back and forth humming “Daybreak” until the show gets picked up for one last season.

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