‘Community’ Season 5 Trailers Get Dark and Full of Christmas Miracles

By December 21, 2013

Community - Animated Christmas Trailer

We already knew that “Community” will return to NBC’s schedule on Thursday, January 2nd at 8/7c, but with the exception of some guest stars like Chris Elliot, “Firefly” star Nathan Fillion and “Justified” regular Walton Goggins, we didn’t know much about what to expect.

However, thanks to two new trailers for the comedy series, we have some hints at some blockbuster stories to mark creator Dan Harmon’s ceremonious return to the show that once seemed unlikely to even get a fifth season. Using some truly epic bumpers, including the fans’ cry for six seasons and a movie, this trailer takes cues from The Hobbit marketing campaign to highlight what looks to be a pretty crazy new season, with hints at what lies beyond the infamous darkest timeline.

My personal favorite part is Donald Glover talking smack about Zach Braff ditching “Scrubs” a few episodes into the final season, when that’s exactly what Glover will do to “Community” this season (obviously, it’s meant to be a tongue-in-cheek joke). But what is going on with all the chaos at Greendale? We’ll have to wait and see.

On the somewhat more cheerful side of things, NBC has also released a cool animated, Christmas-themed trailer laying out the schedule for the return of “Community” for the first month, before the Olympics dominate the network.

So as you can see, when the show returns on January 2nd, it will be with a one-hour premiere, and then one episode every week for four weeks before the Olympics take over. And then once the games are over, “Community” is back in the mix. Even though that interruption for the Olympics is annoying for those of us who might not really care about the competition, we’re anxious to see how Dan Harmon picks up the pieces after a lackluster fourth season in someone else’s hands.

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