‘Community’ Syncs Perfectly With Childish Gambino Lyrics in This Mash-Up Video

By January 23, 2014

Troy Barnes

If you’re a fan of Dan Harmon’s excellent meta-sitcom “Community,” you may have gotten a little choked up at the end of last week’s episode as Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) prepared to leave the study group to sail around the world on Pierce’s boat. Glover has been an integral part of the series since the first episode, and his friendship with Abed (Danny Pudi) has been one of the show’s highlights, even through the so-called “gas leak year.”

The actor is moving on from the show to pursue his musical career as rapper Childish Gambino, and he also has a new show in development at FX called “Atlanta,” but we haven’t heard much about the progress on that since it was announced last summer. Sadly, tonight’s episode is set to be Glover’s last regular appearance on “Community,” and though I’m banking on him to return in some capacity – probably a cameo – near the end of the season, WarmingGlow points us to a great video to celebrate his time on one of the best comedies on network TV.

The song, “Sweatpants,” comes from Gambino’s recently released album “Because the Internet” and features his trademarked wordplay and attitude, but the thing that impresses me most is how the editor of this video – YouTube user FFTamaHawk009 – was able to find an appropriate clip from “Community” that matches up perfectly with practically every lyric in the song. It’s one of the better fan-made mash-ups I’ve seen in quite some time, so check it out below and pour one out for Troy Barnes as he sails away from the study group and into his new multi-million dollar lifestyle. We’ll miss you, buddy.

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    He should stick to acting, it seems to be his forte’. The rapping isn’t bad, but it doesn’t seem like what the mainstream is looking for any more.

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    Childish Gambino, what an amazing artist, truly one of the greatest musicians of all time. Bonfire my favorite Gambino song lyrics.

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