CONFIRMED: Bandai Namco Announces Home Version Of ‘Star Wars Battle Pod’ Is Coming

By May 27, 2015

You read that headline correctly: a HOME version of the coin-op game can be yours…if you have a Millennium Falcon filled with cash.

Before we get into the vulgarity that is the discussion of money, though, let’s talk about the awesomeness of having one of these in your home — if you aren’t lucky enough to live near a Dave and Buster’s, or able to play at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim (where there was a constant 2-hour line).


Star Wars: Battle Pod is an arcade aerial battle game that features a fully immersive “Dome Screen” where players pilot famous star fighters, and is the FIRST fully immersive Star Wars experience that puts players in the pilot seat of some of the most iconic battle scenes and stages inspired by the original trilogy. It has features that can allow players to “feel the speed of flight, the impact of explosions, and truly experience the destruction taking place around them.”


Yesterday, Bandai Namco announced that not only will there be a home version, there’s also a Premium Edition of said home version, which will be “made upon order for personal home use” and equipped with genuine leather seats that will move and react to gameplay. It also has two different designs to choose from (Rebel Alliance and Darth Vader), while the cabinet will also include your name and product serial number on an engraved plate, a specially bound owner’s manual, carpeting (so you don’t ruin your floor), AND your name will be added to the game’s end credits.




Here’s where the bad news is about to set in — but first, let me show you a few more shots to dull the pain:




So here’s the bad(ish) news.

The base model home edition will run you $35,000 while the Premium Edition will cost a cool $100k (shipping and settling fees NOT included), so you’d better start checking the couch cushions or sell your house and live in your new Battle Pod.

These expensive, “I could put myself through college or pay my rent for 3 years,” yet drool-worthy cabinets can be ordered beginning this June 18th…that said, any of you planning on getting one?

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  • Sean L

    hmmm, no i think i’ll pass. Would prefer to buy a 5 story mansion with a large farm , vineyard and swimming pool in Bulgaria, twice, with that money.. 😛

    • Andy Spears

      Hahah you are right, as cool as it would be to have one of those, so much more could be done with the money.. could they not find a way to lower the price somehow, to make it just a little bit more available to normal people?

  • lily

    time to start dropping some hints to the bf about what i want for Christmas, just in-case he is a secret millionaire or something.. 😉 :p