‘Constantine’ Officially Canceled by NBC

By May 8, 2015

Although we’ve been able to look at the domination of comics-related material on television with the renewal of Marvel’s two TV series on ABC, the renewal of “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Gotham,” the pickup of “Supergirl,” and the pickup of a CW DC Comics-based spin-off, DC’s resident Hellblazer wasn’t so lucky.

According to Variety, NBC has officially canceled “Constantine” after one season on the network. Showrunner Daniel Cerone broke the news on Twitter, letting fans know that NBC has turned the series down, but said that Warner Bros. was “working hard” to find a new home for the show now that NBC won’t be pursuing it further. This seems to be the first roadblock faced by a comics-based television series in the last few years, since the genre’s success on networks like the CW and ABC has seemed to make audience interest in the characters on television very apparent, with Fox enjoying pretty significant success as well due to the efforts of “Gotham.”

Part of the reason that “Constantine” may have been canceled is brand recognition. Although the character formed the basis of a loose film adaptation in 2005 starring Keanu Reeves, most of Constantine’s comic book appearances have been limited to DC’s mature readers imprint Vertigo, with the character only having recently been incorporated into the wider DC Comics Universe on a more regular basis at the conclusion of the Brightest Day series in May of 2011. Shortly after that, he was given a major role in Justice League Dark and his own DCU series in that year’s “New 52” initiative.

Critical reception to “Constantine” may have also been a factor. Although the character and series have a very vocal and dedicated fanbase, critics were often polarized on the episodic content of the show, with its overall ranking on Metacritic standing at a score of 53, indicating “mixed or average reviews.”

Still, we’ll have to wait and see if the series can find a new home in time to begin a second season this year, as Daniel Cerone seems to believe that there’s hope for the show to continue. If more should develop on the possible future for “Constantine,” GeekNation will be all over it.

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Chris Clow
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  • lily

    was so bummed when the news broke.. It seemed i got over it pretty quickly though as I haven’t thought about it since 😛