Constantine Will Be Involved in White Canary’s Resurrection on ‘Arrow’

By August 12, 2015

When Constantine was cancelled a few months ago, fans of the series never really knew when or if they were going to see John Constantine (Matt Ryan) onscreen again. A lot of mystery was left following the series’ end, even though many DC TV show stars and writers came out to support the series, it seemed like the potential for a crossover had become an impossibility all of a sudden.

That was until yesterday when it was revealed that the character will be making a guest star appearance in the upcoming fourth season of CW’s Arrow. Not much was said about why Constantine would be coming to Star City, or what his role would be in the show, but it looks like fans are in for one hell of a surprise.

While speaking with TV Insider – Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim revealed some new details about Constantine’s part in the story of the season, and how he is related to a certain Legends of Tomorrow cast member. Check out his full comments down below:

“Unlike Thea, who wasn’t fully dead, the consequences of using the pit on someone as dead as Sara was creates some unforeseen difficulties… and John Constantine is uniquely suited to help our team deal with those.”

Yup, it looks like a very important DC character will be involved in the resurrection of Sara (Caity Lotz) into White Canary after all. I don’t think anyone saw this coming though, and considering the number of fan theories that came out of Sara’s revealed resurrection – that’s saying something.

Considering that the showrunners have stated Constantine’s appearance in Arrow is a one-time thing only, it’s exciting to know that he’s being used in such a crucial and important way. Whether or not we’ll ever see him again following this guest is a mystery, but it’s fair to say that John Constantine’s mark on the DC TV universe will not be a small one.

Arrow Season 4 is set to premiere on October 7th on the CW.

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